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  1. To everyone whom has replied so far: Thank you for your suggestions, support, and sharing of your own thoughts, opinions, stories, etc. I appreciate it, knowing that the group which deals with this sort of bullshit isn't as small as I had once thought it was. It helps knowing that there are others out there that have gone through this before, so again, thanks for helping me with all of this. I've been doing quite a bit of research and, because I don't have the monetary funding needed for a lawyer, there's not much else I can do except to do what I have already done -- posted about this incident on my Facebook account, and on my Tumblr account, which I rarely use...mainly because it confuses the hell out of me, and I've been crafting a letter to my state Congress, requesting change in this behavior, and in the ways in which the laws are written regarding the mentally ill. Beyond that, unless I somehow win the lottery, there's not much else I can do, which sucks. Though... being a writer, I do have one minor consultation prize: I can always stick the guy that ran my screening into one of my novels and make him a victim of my Big Baddie. (Okay, I know. I'm being childish, but still I, at least, found the thought of doing that to be amusing! What? Never screw with a writer! When life hands us those annoying lemons, we'll write you the recipe for Grannie's Homestyle Lemonade!)
  2. Hi everyone! Thanks for taking the time to reply to my original response to this thread. I apologize for not having written back until now; I was busy with other things at the time. Now, I'm not sure how to "tag" any of you, so I'll just list my individual replies here, too. (Okay, never mind. I didn't know that using the @ symbol and then typing a person's screen name would let me respond directly to that person by having the thread literally highlighting their name! *giggles*) @notloki -- You mentioned whether or not I was taking an anti-psychotic medication. I am currently not using any medications to control my schizophrenia. I keep it under control via writing and having a support network of trained individuals to help me through any problems that may arise. Hell, the donation center only found out that I am schizophrenic due to my having to list what medications I'm allergic to. When I stated that I am allergic to Clozaril\Clozapine, the person conducting my screening process asked me why I'd been on that medication, and I (not knowing at the time that I'd be stuck on the NDDR for my reply) told him that it was used to treat my schizophrenia, but that I was not using any such medications at the time of wanting to donate plasma, nor had I been on them since 2012. @aquarian -- Thank you for providing the information you generously found for me. I appreciate it. It's adding to my research into this. Maybe nothing will come of this and I'll just have to live with not ever being able to donate blood or plasma, but at least I'll know the disgusting reasons behind the government's irrational fear of people that struggle with these challenges. It's a small, cold comfort in this cruel, sick little twisted scab of a world, but at least I won't be left wondering. Personally, I still feel that this was an unfair and cold-hearted reaction--to deny me the ability to ever donate plasma or blood in the future just because of my mental illness, but to call me a "threat to public safety" was, in my opinion, taking it too far on the donation center's part. However, this is most likely just my anger at being made to feel marginalized because of my condition talking. However, I am still going to pursue whatever documentation I can get my hands on about the guidelines, laws, etc. concerning this and trying to figure out if there's anything I can do about it. Even if there isn't, as I've said before, at least I'll know exactly why. Plus, most of this looks like interesting research material for the novels I write, so there's that. :3 Anyway, again, thank you for replying and for providing more material to research. I appreciate it, folks.
  3. I got denied today, too. Why? Because I have paranoid schizophrenia, and was told: "Because people with this illness are still seen as a threat to public safety, and because you might become a threat at any time during the procedure, I cannot allow you to donate, per FDA regulations. Your name has to be added to the NDDR. I'm sorry. Please leave." (The guy that was running the screen process quoted the FDA stuff from some large blue binder he had, but he refused to allow me to see the contents of the page he'd read from) Now, I am trying to find anything I can that comes directly from the FDA that can either be used as proof to challenge this ruling, or as proof to back it up. So far, though, I have absolutely nothing either way.