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  1. I couldn't decide what section this post would be most appropriate in. If this isn't it, sorry. I'm new here. My name is BP 2, MDD, PTSD and WTF. Any geeks want to take a crack at deciphering what two doctors so far can't really speak too intelligently to me about? Here's the jist from the test: SLC6A4 - S/S (2 red, higher risk of non-response) 5HT2C - C/C (2 red, weight gain risk) MTHFR < C677T - C/T (red T), A1298C A/C (red C) > Intermediate activity CACNA1C - G/A (red A, Intermediate risk of altered neuronal signaling) CYP1A2 EM - 1A/1F (red 1F) I had the genetic testing done through GENOMIND and have absolutely NO confidence that either Doctor I have seen really knows what it all means. I know some, from research. I am very wrapped up in this right now, obsessed. Need answers. Need puzzle solved. Need clarity. Here's what I know: I cannot take SSRIs. Can't take APs. Been taking EnLyte for 4 weeks, currently on low dose Trileptal and THAT'S IT. OFF all other meds, flying almost without a net for first time in many years, nervous about that. Started 5mg Trintellix yesterday, hoping with the methylation I'll experience benefit s of a drug for a change. Was on Lamictal for ten years, which was only ever barely helping, but enough to keep me functioning, sort of. That's out now. No SSRIs ever helped and in some cases made me crazy. Same with Anti-psychotics. Now, from the test, I know why (kind of). The gene test says with L-Meth supplements that SNRIs can work where they wouldn't before. Only one I can take of those is Pristiq, though, and for some reason I'm afraid of that. It doesn't mention whether drugs in the "Other" class might do the same - Viibryd or Trintellix, for example. Any thoughts on that? Neither drug was effective in the past, but I did tolerate them fine. Might they now be able to work with the L-Methylfolate in the mix, even though they aren't SSRIs or SNRIs? Cymbalta and Remeron are out of the question because of the CYP1A2 deal. Effexor and Wellbutrin are out because of the CYP450 deal. So my options are limited. I'm avoiding MS for now. I want to see if I can get a damn AD to actually do something first. I know, maybe backwards. But that's where I'm at. At this point, any damn comments, feedback or whatever is welcome. But if anyone knows who/where I can get a real assessment of the gene results PLEASE let me know. Thank you and good night.
  2. I'm sorry nobody responded to your question. I am also seeking answers to questions about Enlyte and Deplin. I had the genetic testing done, found out about the MTHFR mutation and decided to try Enlyte. It's only been a month. I don't know if it's helping anything. I also found out that I have another mutation that prevents serotonin synthesis and SSRIs are bad news for me. So maybe I go with an SNRI and see if methylation will finally allow an anti-depressant to work. I'm really just talking to myself here, aren't I? It feels quiet.