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  1. As for vraylar, in my experience it is stimulating for the first couple of weeks. I had trouble with insomnia during that time. Then it became calming and lessened the negative thoughts I was having. I have problems with anger and dealing with other people too. But with the dosage increase I started a couple weeks ago (4.5mg) I really have calmed down. It also stopped the obsessive suicidal thoughts I was having. I would definitely recommend that you get something good for sleep if you try vraylar. Even though I can sleep, I do have trouble getting enough. Which does lead me to being more angry and irritable.
  2. I will ask for some trazadone. Does remeron have any withdrawal? I've been taking 7.5mg for about two weeks.
  3. First time I tried Remeron 15 years ago it knocked me out in 15 minutes. I had to crawl into bed. Now it is just enough to get me to sleep in a couple hours. Maybe because I have had gastric bypass meds work differently. What dosage of trazadone is working for you?
  4. Do you guys just take trazadone for sleep?
  5. Most ssri I have tried just make me flip out, even trintellix did that to me. Not sure why this happens. That's a good question. I don't really want to change from Vraylar at the moment, since it is working well.
  6. I was on 900mg Seroquel for a couple years and then took 100mg for sleep for several years after switching to another AP. I never came close to developing diabetes. Your dose is so low that it shouldn't ever even lead to that. Enjoy your sleep, I wish I still had some for that purpose.
  7. Is there anything similar to Remeron, minus the side effect of constant hunger? I was prescribed 15mg, but I can only handle half a pill. I like that it helps me sleep, and it is good for anxiety. I just don't want to gain weight. I'm already too big for my own good as it is. Having trouble breathing when I stand up and on 15mg it gets worse.
  8. gb84

    Lets talk about Vyvanse

    What's up with the shortage? I just picked up my dexedrine today. I'm supposed to get 10mg tablets since my insurance cut out extended release stims. The pharmacy gave me 10mg spansules instead and insurance covered it. They said they won't get tablets for the foreseeable future. Not complaining, I prefer spansules after a couple months on tablets... Just curious...
  9. gb84

    Lets talk about Vyvanse

    It works good, if I didn't have it I wouldn't get anything done. It's really a miracle medicine for me. Especially in the winter. Too bad that stimulants are so stigmatized because they do their job well.
  10. gb84

    Lets talk about Vyvanse

    It is to me, but I really don't know. I felt better on 15mg, but the doc didn't want me taking that high of a dosage. I don't think dexedrine comes in a dosage higher than 15mg extended release per capsule. The instant release goes up to 10mg, I believe. IMO the extended release is superior, especially if you have trouble with energy like I do.
  11. gb84

    Lets talk about Vyvanse

    When I went from 15mg to 10mg of dexedrine, I could definitely tell it was not nearly as strong. If it was the summer and I wasn't really depressed I probably would not have been able to tell as much of a difference.
  12. You're not dumb, just tired of feeling that way. You will find a solution, hopefully we all will.
  13. This happened to me when I went to 20mg on Trintellix. I couldn't calm down and/or sleep if my life depended on it. My blood pressure was through the roof as well. Sucks when this crap happens when all we were looking for was relief from the depression.
  14. Glad that trazadone works for you. I was of the same mindset when on Seroquel and clozapine. I ate anything and everything. Couldn't get enough...