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    Hypomania in Bipolar I ?

    I feel like this most of the year except for the late fall and winter months. Once I can get back outside and get consistent exercise I am definitely in a controlled hypomanic state like you described. I love the feeling, it feels like freedom, I feel like a human again.
  2. I took geodon 20mg 2x a day. When I titrated to vraylar I had some withdrawal from geodon. It was basically a lot of rage and anger as I lowered the dosage. But I also made the mistake of not taking geodon for a few days. I didn't follow the taper/titration instructions properly. I am stubborn. It took a while to get to the therapeutic dose of vraylar (3mg) till I could ditch the geodon for good. Once the vraylar took over I was fine. The withdrawal was uncomfortable but looking back now it wasn't so bad. Did your doc tell you how to taper the geodon and titrate to rexulti? It shouldn't be so bad if you do it as instructed.
  3. 10 lbs in two weeks. Sometimes I think the drug manufacturers make a medication trigger weight gain on purpose. You know, just to make us feel better about ourselves.
  4. You are right. 2 days off and I feel so much better. It's like a fog has been lifted. Plus on it I was eating 6-7 times a day, now eating maybe 3 times. Feels good to be back to a more stable reality. If that makes any sense. The only thing aside from the appetite change is a lingering headache, but that is going away. I think I am going to stay off AD's fo a while and let my brain rest.
  5. I feel you. I have insomnia as well. Vraylar is an antipsychotic like rexulti is. I'll be honest I couldn't sleep for a couple weeks when I began taking vraylar. But once that passed I could sleep again. I don't sleep long but at least I get something. It is a strange med. Motivating and calming at the same time. It makes me want to better myself and get out of the prison I have created all around me.
  6. Have you ever researched vraylar? It will really calm these obsessive thoughts down. It is working for me. Last month I went to the doc having nonstop thoughts and visualizations of suicide. She upped the vraylar and within a few days it all stopped. Please get something for sleep. Not sleeping will make you have thoughts that aren't real. Also take a minute to breathe and just relax. These thoughts are destroying your life.
  7. I see her the first of next month. It's not something I have had time to bring up yet. But I'm pretty stable now on vraylar, so hopefully she'll be receptive. When I was in the hospital in June the doctor there told me that it would take a long time to taper since I have been on it so long. I guess it's silly to worry about something that may or may not happen.
  8. I take .5mg x2 a day. It still calms me down and sometimes helps me sleep. I guess I'm just worried about withdrawal since I've been on it so long. It's not a drug I like anymore, I am taking it because I know I'm dependent on it. Maybe it won't be so bad. I guess I am going to find out in the near future.
  9. I am going to try and get off klonopin if my doc agrees to it. I've never liked how flat it makes me and I feel it keeps me from enjoying life. I've been taking klonopin for 12 years so I am assuming that it is going to take quite a while to taper off. If you have tapered off benzos, I would like to know what your experience was like. How long were you on benzos and how long did it take to get off of them? Did you have withdrawal? Was it mild or severe? Did your doc give you any additional medication for the withdrawal if you had it? Not looking for any medical advice, just want to know your experience.
  10. Thank you, that's great news this is a possibility. I didn't know pdocs would prescribe lyrica. I will definitely ask, it can't hurt. Hopefully my doc will be able to get me off klonopin slowly and without much withdrawal. I'm tired of being on klonopin it just makes me flat.
  11. Are you in the US? If so, how were you able to get lyrica off label for anxiety? I want to try that instead of taking klonopin. If you don't want to answer, I understand.
  12. As for vraylar, in my experience it is stimulating for the first couple of weeks. I had trouble with insomnia during that time. Then it became calming and lessened the negative thoughts I was having. I have problems with anger and dealing with other people too. But with the dosage increase I started a couple weeks ago (4.5mg) I really have calmed down. It also stopped the obsessive suicidal thoughts I was having. I would definitely recommend that you get something good for sleep if you try vraylar. Even though I can sleep, I do have trouble getting enough. Which does lead me to being more angry and irritable.