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  1. It seems like some people lose a lot of weight on Seroquel or they gain a bunch of weight. It's really crazy. I wish I had become one of the people that lost a lot of weight on Seroquel
  2. I started at a pretty low dose, but wasn't able to sleep so it just kept getting upped. I don't want to be on this dose, but I don't have a pdoc right now. When I was on a lower dose I didn't gain weight- at least not like I gained in the last three years. It saved my life, as well. It really is the best medication I've ever been on. It's such a difficult choice. Mental health or physical health? I am pretty good at ignoring those awful late night cravings, but I also take klonopin to sleep to it knocks me out before I can go zombie hunting for junk food at night, haha. It's good to hear you are able to lose some weight. I hear/see all the time that it is completely impossible to lose any weight on Seroquel. I really just wanted to hear success stories, honestly.
  3. I found a family practice doc that is willing to write me exactly what my psychiatrist gave me back in Washington which is 800mg of Seroquel and 2mg klonopin as needed. She absolutely wilL not do dosage changes with me. The seroquel is the only way I can sleep so I dont know if extended release will help with that. I'll look into what local options are. I dont think there's many. I dont think I could give up seroquel honestly. I changing my diet and exercise so I hope I see a change. I have been on Lithium, Lamictal, Wellbutrin, Risperdal, Topamax, Abilify, every type of Benzos basically. And yes. I am Bipolar I.
  4. First time posting but I need some help. I am on 800mg of Seroquel and have been for over three years. I went from 110lbs to 200lbs in those years. This is the only medication to help me. I heard that tapering down can improve weight loss but I currently dont have insurance and moved to a new state so no pdoc. Is it really impossible to lose the weight I've gained? I just got a gym membership and a bike. I'm just really miserable with this weight but dont have many options when it comes to changing meds.