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  1. Hi. I'm Davies (after the Kinks' Davies brothers, they're me really), 21, SZA bipolar, Asperger's, and epileptic. I never use fora but I'm a bit drunk. Hi.
  2. This might sound horrible. I was diagnosed with epilepsy at sixteen after suffering a long run of horrible migraines since I was seven and a year of fits which I put down to hangovers and drugs since I was fifteen. But at twenty-one life seems terribly long for a weary epileptic. There are people I love beyond the world's limits of love and for them I wouldn't want to die young, but at the rate I've been degenerating, IQ 164 at six and 97 at fourteen, too scared to get tested again, I hope SUDEP catches up with me. I envy anyone older than me for having less of this shit life left to deal with.
  3. New to these boards, so hi. Schizoaffective bipolar over here. I have finally, finally, after months, had a day without any psychosis that I know of. I'm so glad of it. I see my new psych in two days and I don't know what to trust him with but I feel fine today. Had a long run of scary depressive psychotic months but I seem to be picking up.
  4. Oh, both. I drink too much and I suffer from daily psychosis even on quetiapine and various others. If one of those problems would go away then the other might, but I can't see it. When it comes to "ruling my life", though, it's neither. It's the desire for life and the love for the people I care about which rules my life.
  5. I honestly don't know. I was a benzo addict by eleven but I think the SZA might have been setting in around the same time. My best psychiatrist told me, when I was seventeen and finally snapped out of denial to go and see him, that I was a horribly early case and he was glad I wasn't completely bonkers. I shouldn't have let either problem lie for so long, but I was too scared. How many eleven year olds would really go to a psychiatrist? I think my addiction trouble and my SZA came along at about the same time.
  6. I'm new to this board. Hi there. SZA bipolar, which places me a bit uncomfortably between schizophrenic and bipolar communities, but I feel safe enough here. Today hasn't been bad. Just drinking and music. I'd been looking forward to my psych appointment but now that it's only two days away I'm rather frightened. I've had a run of terrible psychs, and another run of terrible psychs before my one good one. I think he was the only really good psych I've ever had. Sadly he's retired. This will be the second time I've seen this new psych. He seems trustworthy but at the first appointment I had to cut things short because my father was in the appointment with me. I'm unsure. I think I can just tell him my recent trouble honestly without hiding anything and judge things by how he reacts. Seems scary but I have to try.
  7. Hypomanic, usually. Manic, sometimes. Mixed, for the first few days yes, afterwards never.
  8. Hello, folks.