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  1. I had something happen in my life that has me down. I think I may have been prayed on by a scammer even though this person did not get any money from me or anything monetary. This person did give me attention and affection and hope and don''t even know if this person was trying to trick me or not. A friend suggested it may be a scammer and so I thought it out some and then told the person I was not interested any longer just because I was afraid of being made a fool of. I don't know how to find out if "he" was for real or not.
  2. I feel lack of control lately and that really bothers me; in other words hopelessness with some things.
  3. Valerie

    Art therapy?

    Yes, I worked with an Art Therapist. She was very helpful and I always felt really good after a session.
  4. Valerie

    Funky Music Videos

  5. Thanks. I am trying not to drink now for health reasons. It's good to know that it works. Won't drink with it.
  6. Valerie

    How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    I'm a little hungry because I've been fasting for blood work in about an hour.
  7. I've been prescribed this for anxiety and panic attacks. I guess it brings the blood pressure down and relieves tension and stops heart racing. Has anyone else used this med? How did you do with it?
  8. I tried abilify and it made me feel horrible. Had to go off it right away so don't know if it would have caused weight gain with me. Seems many of the APs cause weight gain. I was on Zyprexa and gained 70 pounds...so don't feel bad..lol
  9. Thank you for all the replies and I apologize for not answering them all directly at this time. I tried the benadryl and it helped my itching but I was so groggy I slept almost the whole next day. I am busy using my back scratcher. I am going to use my back scratcher for where I can't reach and try using the coconut oil cream for the itching I have on my back. Thats where most of my itching is.
  10. I tried many meds for severe chronic depression and have been through most of them. I think Geodon is good as a AP in a lower dose. I was on it for years but developed many facial movements and after awhile the fatigue set it again and depression so I am off of it now. I tried Viibryd and think it worked very well for depression but gave me diahhrea a lot and a ton of explosive humungous farts! So recently going on a month soon I am taking 10 mg. of Lexapro, .5 risperdal. I seem to be doing well on this now but still may need something for more energy. Just tried Lamactil and after 15 days my face, neck, chin, back, head,shoulders and chest broke out in tons of pimples and bumps. Since I've been off of that for several days my skin has not gotten worse and not breaking out any more. Doc told me to go off Lamactil if it did that to my skin. I am going to see about another mood stabilizer when I see my doc next week. I feel okay today, though.
  11. I tried Buspar many years ago. I was light headed and had brain shocks from it. I was taken off it by the doctor.
  12. I'm glad that works for you. I can't reach all over my back, though, where it itches the most and that's why I got the pills. I have no one here to do it for me either. I'd ask my dog but don't think she'd understand..
  13. Thanks, I think I'll take it at bedtime.