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  1. Dammit all  

    too upset to even take a sip of this shit moscato  



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    2. jt07


      You wouldn't believe what I had to go through to vote yesterday. Of course, I had to show my I.D., but it was not that simple. I had to sign so that they could compare my signature with the signature on my I.D. The problem was that the pen on the machine was broken and we had to sign with our finger. Imagine that. No way a signature signed by a finger looks anything like a signature signed by a pen. If anyone challenged us, all our votes would have been thrown out.

    3. Sync


      Jeez. I don't think I've ever had to show my ID to vote in my life. I'm a permanent absentee voter so I do have to sign the back of the envelope the ballot goes in, but that's it.

      Apparently I've just never lived in a state with voter ID laws. That sounds ridiculous. 

    4. DammitJanet


      That is absolutely disgusting...they say they want more voters, then they pull all kinds of shit to throw them out. The only letter they could recognize was my capital K in my first name, thank heavens that was enough. Or I can see myself having a major hissy fit. I really may have lost it. 

      I worry about absentee voting cause I’ve heard several stories about them getting thrown out for various reasons. 

      We badly need paper backups.