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  1. Car remote suddenly broken due to battery place messing with the programming cause new battery didn’t work. So now I’m sitting here in parking lot WITH Abby in cold car cause no heat. Waiting for a different programmer to come out for sixty bucks which is half of what I have left for food for the month. AND the guys here think it’s more wrong with it than THAT. One credit card at home with 400 limit i was gonna cut up cause I Cannot afford that payment every month but I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to use it. Almost no money left for anything now. I’m balling. 

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    2. DammitJanet


      Cannot tell you the relief...guy said Nissan would’ve charged me 3-400 bucks for this... he charged me only 60. 

    3. jt07


      The man was right. I was warned that a remote for my car is something like $500 so I should be careful not to lose them. I'm so glad you got it fixed. I fear such things happening to me when I'm out. Or the remote battery dying when I'm out in the middle of nowhere. Yikes!

    4. DammitJanet


      Same. Mine was used so they only gave me one key. I’ve already had to replace it once for 300! Very scary only having one.