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    Hi, yeah it makes sense for the most part. I've experienced something similar. How often do you experience that experience? And if you are experiencing it now. Something to help. Repeat the word "Interesting" Try.... Noting to yourself that you are just gonna try out answering my question. (How often do you experience that?) And keep the word "Interesting" in your mind. "That's Interesting" your "freaking the shit out" starts to creep in.... "That's interesting how that panic is coming upon me" "huh... that's interesting that my chest is constricting-cold-tight-flashing" "that's interesting that my eyes looked at my arm just now" -back to reading/typing a response- (how often do I experience the brain arm/body disconnect? Non-stop all day?) "Op. that's interesting a panicked screaming thought came up" (whatever comes..... whatever happens....) "Interesting" "hm. Interesting." This is not intended to cure or stop the panic. But instead... Allow it. "You don't understand!" "No I can't allow it!" "If I allow it! It will never go away!! And I will be trapped in it forever!" ------ say to that type of feeling or thought "That is not necessarily true." It IS horrible!!!!! IT IS unbearable!!!!!.... AND you are experiencing it. "That's interesting how horrible this is" tell yourself, "I hear you." "I recognize you" "I will never leave you" and keep those phrases going over and over. ......(Hi Censer.. How often do you experience that brain body disconnect/side by side internally/out of body/not related to/forgein body experience?) Feel free to answer or not. I may not be on here for a while again. -another couple of possible help notes=medications can both cause that experience... and help it go away. Also Dialectical Behavioral Therapy is an amazing treatment, ask a therapist/try to find someone who knows it. It treats pretty much everything. And if you feel like trying them... some good meditations (YouTube)- "Eckhart Tolle" "The honest Guys"
  2. Answering this 4 years later cuz it helped me remember/figure out some questions, so why not keep posting for others. Me: Age 25. Female. Been on many antidepressants (ask if you want more info about other antidepressants). Been on Fetzima about a year. 20mg once daily. My undesired side effects=stalled urination, bad temper/irritability. Desired side effects= First medication to not make me overeat. Helps with depression (next to no suicidal ideation, hopelessness and negative thinking decreased about 60-70%) When I thought it might be helpful to increase to 40mg my temper skyrocketed. So went back to 20mg. If nothing is working. And it's hard to even read this. Or you are reading this on behalf of a family member, friend, or anyone. Ask your/their therapist about DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy). Or call a local clinic and ask. If they say no or don't recommend it for yourself or the person you know. Keep asking till you find someone who knows the therapy and will treat you. It won't hurt to try. Or, as it was in my case.... (there is no other option just try it out). DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy): (pause... if the thought came/comes into your head that this is an advertisement or seems weird and you want to stop reading or don't want to try the therapy..... (I know that thinking pattern, and you should definitely try the therapy. You're the candidate that needs it.) "Why would they want to help me?" "Why would someone put that much effort into a post?" (Again try the therapy) my intentions=....phrase this random post right, so I can help someone else get out of that hell hole. (okay back now) DBT has effectively treated me...... (I hesitate to call it a cure only because that sounds manic and unrealistic, otherwise I would call it a cure) .....for what I suffer & (ed) from (the following): alcoholism, major depressive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, PTSD (trauma), borderline personality disorder- I have symptoms, but have not been diagnosed, but my dad has it (so I know what it's like to deal/cope/suffer from/with Borderline). [Symptoms connected to this that are also being effectively treated] (AKA they are dissapearing from my life) = panic attacks. Cutting. Suicidal ideation. Hopelessness. Inability to think straight (foggy minded). Agoraphobia (fear of going out of apartment or house). Communication struggles, example: "I didn't hear you!" Finding you can't understand what people are saying or they misunderstand you. Paranoia. Not being able to hold down a job/being miserable at job. Social relationships. Unhappy. Low self esteem. (The list goes on) If your mind thinks of all the reasons why I (person writing this) am not realiable not compitant, or "that won't work for me because......" Then I know how you feel and think!!! It's okay to think those things--- but/and I hope you have the capacity, good access to, and strength, to try this therapy so you don't have to suffer.