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    I get manic, when I do that I look for places on the internet to go and feel safe to be manic. I like hiking, I live near hiking trails. I love music, all of it, I default to metal. Cats, I love them. Technology, I like building my own rigs. Spiritual growth, may it be however the individual needs. I like to talk.

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Not much to say. Can't say much negative, I mean, I have so much I don't like about myself but I don't talk about it. Positive things, I guess, would be I am somewhat intelligent. However, I did not go to two years of high school, got a job instead. I did go to a semester of college and did relatively well. School was hard.

I work as a cook and dishwasher at a breakfast cafe. I have a cat named Mango Purrington. I have a bearded dragon names Sobe. 

I find structure in writing. I talk a million miles per hour.

I like to talk...... I will stop now.