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    I just stumbled on these boards by accident and wanted to share my experience. 33 year old white male, 185ish pounds. I started Fetzima 7 weeks ago. I was very hesitant to start it. I’ve tried several SSRIs in the past and just didn’t like them. I haven’t been on any depression medication for years because of it. I finally got fed up and decided I had to do something. So I went to my primary care doc and told him all about it. I had made up my mind that I wasn’t doing another pill, but I wanted to see what kind of alternatives he had in mind. My depression manifests in a way that I’m very low energy. As such, he asked me to try an SSNRI (which I had never heard of) called Fetzima. I was weary but decided to give it a try. I was told to take 20mg for two days then start on 40. An “acclimation period”. The pharmacy wanted $30 copay for both prescriptions even though the 20mg was only two pills. I wasn’t having it so I recklessly chose to decline the two day 20mg script and start at 40. Within 10 days I noticed an improvement. My relationship with my wife had been rocky, but we’ve been much better since I started. After like 6 weeks, I think I got the full effect. I have more energy and motivation to do little stuff around the house. I don’t feel as “meh” all the time and I just feel better equipped to deal with daily life. I still want to sleep waaaay I’m in the morning, but that’s been all my life. I was particularly concerned about the sexual side effects. My wife has always wanted more frequent sex and I just didn’t usually feel like it. However, I’ve had no ED issues and my libido has actually increased. I think because the depression has lessened, I’ve been more inclined to do the deed. Overall it has been an extremely positive change for me. I have had some negative side effects, but not many. I have always sweat a lot but now I sweat A LOT. It hasn’t been enough to even kind of make me want to consider coming off Fetzima. My heart rate has markedly increased. It used to be that at the gym I’d try to sustain a heat rate of 140-150 for 30 minutes on the treadmill and if I really really pushed I’d get to 180BPM. Now, I achieve that 150 waaay too easily. I’ve had to kind of tone it down because I’m afraid of too much strain on my heart. I haven’t been to the gym enough to get a great read on it. I’m also getting that orthostatic hypotension pretty bad; if I stand up too quick I’ll get very dizzy. A few times I’ve thought I was going to pass out. This hasn’t been a huge problem, I just need to remember to watch it. I’ve also steadily lost weight. About 10 pounds since going on the med with no change in habits or diet. At the end of the day, Fetzima has been wonderful for me. Everyone is different and I know many people on here have had the opposite experience.