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  1. I’ve had big posture problems for 12 years with both upper/lower crossed syndrome resulting in very high stress/anxiety and severe depression. This was developed through heavy weightlifting bit by bit and the problems been massive. Tried so many meds during the years, all for treat the depression/anxiety but many of them have triggered the tension very short/stiff muscles by SSRI for example. It’s shown some year ago that I might have light bipolar disorder and that could explain why SSRI most of all triggered more nerv activity and therefore more tensions. However I’ve been on Lyrica for about 1.5 years. Been on pretty low doses around 75-100mg/day. Gets a lots of sideeffects in higher doses. Since I don’t have pain as in burning nerve pain or similar, I wonder if there might be other medicines with lighter side effects for my purpose? My muscles relax some when on lyrica and my posture therefore gets better, especially the muscles in the lower back relax a little and the pelvis doesn’t gets so anterior tilted. The result is that I’m being able to rest little better and it lower some stress and I can at least take small walks without triggering the tensions. Ive tried all rehab treatments you can think of. Lyrica made something better but wondering if there’s something more appropriate medicine. I tried Lamictal 2 years back and it really helped listen my mood but relaxed all nerves/muscles perfectly. Unfortunately I got a severe rash from it.
  2. I’ll discuss the Rexulti with my pdoc. So you don’t think it could be swapped even if Rexulti dose is raised? Also my cipralex dose is only 5mg. Maybe it’s different but isn’t Abilify is used on its own for bipolar depression and MDD? I understand a low dose lithium as well can be used for Cyclothymia. Have you any experience with it?
  3. Ok. So maybe Rexulti could be a good idea to try instead of cipralex (that seems to activating on me) I hope I can hold on to my appointment with my pdoc the 3/12. I’m feeling very sucidal right now. Decided some time ago I can’t live with this situation so much longer. The tensions has really crippled my life to the point I can’t do anything socialize, exercise, performing or relax even with family or close friends, and even worse in public. Hard to describe but it has going on to long, to many years, to many trials with new medications that has failed. I havn’t been myself in at least 15 years and regret it big time I started with a antidepressant in the first place. Before that I was outgoing, I loved being on stage and performing, loved people, family etc, now I’ve hard time going to grocery store and don’t feel comfortable with my closest family. It’s been a living nightmare. Of course I started with the AD for a reason. My first love and a bad relationship got me off the track and got me very depressed. I know you don’t have any easy quickfix or so. I will try to hang in there..
  4. It’s been like this many years during the time I was on SSRI (much higher doses) but them also had nozinan at night to be able to sleep. I didn’t knew better at the time, trusted on all these doctors, before I met my current one. He has really tried to understand and dig what’s the case with me. About the sleep and hypomania, I feel that even if I get to sleep for a few hours I practically never feel rested when I wake up. Maybe the tensions sucks all the energy.
  5. I think I read Rexulti is agonist on some serotonin receptors and antagonist on other, what exactly does it mean? Is cipralex only agonist on many serotonin receptors? Regarding the adrenergic system, do you mean Rexulti decrease adrenaline/norepinephrine effect or does it raise the effect of those in the brain/body? In the beginning when I met my current pdoc, his therory then was that I might have Cyclothymia. The more I read the past time I can relate to that very much. Also SSRI seem to be activating in rather low doses. SSRI seem to make my sleep impossible without any sleep pills or with current Valproate dose. But in my case very parodoxal because I become much more creative, self esteem raise a lot, can do everything I want, become a lot more sexual, but the tensions makes me loose all that when I’m in public. Can’t relax because of that. I don’t loose control and buy a lot of things or talk really fast or anything like that. I don’t know if it counts as BP III, effects when medicated.
  6. Thank you Browri. How is the difference on the Serotonin receptors on Rexulti/Vraylar? Are there any action on Noradrenergic system as well? I was on 600mg a short time a few weeks back (cymbalta/valproate) and could feel calming in one way but not had any affects on tensions as for ex Lamictal had on me. But maybe could try the cipralex/valproate combo. Would Trileptal have about the same antidepressant effect as Valproate has or is it mainly for mania? No haven’t had any blood testing yet, is it important right away to do it, even at low doses?
  7. @browri Could you describe the difference between Rexulti and Vraylar? My meeting with my pdoc is coming up next week on the 3/12, I thought I could discus some option. I’m still on 5mg Cipralex, 300mg Valproate and 25mg Lyrica. Short update: the excessive adrenaline have diminished a lot, when swapping cymbalta to cipralex. The headaches I’ve had since May (I’m guessing from all the adrenaline/anxiety feelings) have disappear pretty much. BUT... When the mood is lifted, I really can feel the serotonin working, it activate a lot of tensions, and that become a hell on its own. It’s as if my body can’t tolerate to feel to happy, then tensions begin. I take the Valproate in the evening and it does have a calming effect on me, but not so much on the tensions. Another thing with Cipralex is I feel Ive much slower eye movements. My eyes becoming very stiff and starring look. If I could have this mood without the tensions and starring eyes I would be really satisfied.
  8. Update: I thought I was going to see my pdoc this week but he wasn’t available before my appointment the 3/12. So instead I had to meet another doc. He swapped the 15mg cymbalta for 5mg cipralex to see if the cymbalta was causing the increased fight/flight anxiety. So my current meds are: 5mg cipralex, 300mg valproate and 25mg lyrica. Two days in now, and I can see a decrease in anxiety from not taking the cymbalta BUT as all the other SSRI during the years, they triggered the tensions as if my system can’t handle it and become to activated and that causes a lot of stress in another way as well as irritation. Cymbalta was the only med in this group that didn’t triggered the tensions. I’ll have to wait for my meeting with my pdoc in 3 weeks, evaluate and make some changes, because this doesn’t work. Maybe I must explore more bipolar meds.. If I might be BP2 the SSRI might be activating to much and trigger these tensions, that’s at least what my pdoc thought last time I had the chance to meet him. I’m thinking of trileptal as an alternative to valproate and Rexulti instead of cipralex perhaps. I read that Seroquel also work as reuptake on norepinephrine as well. Maybe not a good idea for me then? If seroquel is used together with Rexulti, is the agonist effect on dopamine receptors being canceled out by seroquel then? What other antipsychotics is used to treat bipolar type 2?
  9. I don’t believe the tensions is getting more directly of the higher anxiety, but my selefsteem and posture is getting worse and that affect the tensions. Somehow I really notice this effect with Valproate that on the end tip of my lower back is triggered and muscles in that area contract, making the pelvis tilt forward. I don’t know if it’s because of the serotonin effect from valproate. The opposite effect happened with lamictal, my nerves calmed down, and could focus a lot better, my body and head became quiet so to speak. That is a good tip! What is the difference between the alpha and beta receptors? I’m also currently waiting to do an ADHD/ADD investigation as well. I’m wondering, if it would show out I’ve ADD, could all the SSRI I tried during the years made it worse, for example filtering sound, vision etc if the difference between serotonin and norepinephrine + dopamine would increased. Could that maybe be responsible that SSRI has triggered the tensions that way, because there was to much to cope for the brain?
  10. At the moment I take 300mg Valproate, 15mg cymbalta and 25mg Lyrica. It’s very complicated with my nerve/muscle tensions, it isn’t pain as in nerve pain, it is more contracting the nerves so my body gets into lower/upper crossed syndrome. This causes a lot of stress because of the more worse posture, breathing, self confidence etc. And stress trigger the contractions so the merry go around. Since I tried a lot of medications before and almost all SSRI has triggered the tensions and not been able to live some sort of normal life, I’ve been very suicidal in periods since 2008. The last year when I was lucky to find a way to get better mood and energy from diet change became the biggest hope for me. When I crashed this spring and had to raise the cymbalta which gave me so much anxiety/stress and severe headaches has now made me very suicidal. The healthier I’ve eating it has triggered that more. I’ve researched myself after that finding a clue. My closest theory for now is that with my new diet has raised all serotonin, norepinephrine, dopamine etc naturally and tyramine could have been linked to the excess of norepinephrine I’m feeling. It seems that tyramine is make the body release norepinephrine and activate the sympathic system. And since a lot I’ve been eating daily has had a lot of tyramine plus the cymbalta maybe could e responsible for it. Tyramine is found a lot in ex sauerkraut, avocado, aged food, cheeses, different probiotics makes a lot of it. I’ve been eating this a lot daily and a lot of other things. The adrenaline raise has been linked to most of my meals, coffe, cymbalta intake. But cymbalta hasn’t triggered the nerves so if there would be a way to only stand on cymbalta 30mg and block the norepinephrine that would be better. I understand that propranolol could block stress hormone but is it so that it could dampen the heart raise etc but the anxiety would still be felt? Maybe worth trying. I will meet my pdoc during next week, then I’ve the chance to ask him these things.
  11. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work out with valproate, so far at least. It triggers extractions in the lower back, same thing every night after I take them. I really doesn’t understand what’s in it that have that effect? There have been some calming effect during some times of the day but the tensions in the back disrupt my posture and trigger a lot of stress and anxiety. I’ve been reading about Rexulti, and I really would like to swap my half cymbalta for it if my doctor approves. @browri I read it has lower effect on dopamine receptors and stronger on Serotonin, do you know if there is there a huge difference? Understand it can raise and lower dopamine, exactly how does it work?
  12. If I go back to topamax and lamictal. Remember feeling the nerves calmed down on just 25mg, hold for a week or so, then disappear some before I raised to 50mg, same thing occurred and so on, I don’t know if the effect would be more permanent on higher dose. I came up to 150mg before I had the allergic reaction. I don’t think it was that much antidepressant effect on only 25mg, but to feel the nerves calmed down I was directly releaved and instantly and more optimistic of course. Also remember having Cipralex as base as well (had it for a while, but became very depressed by it alone. It did not had the same effect as citalopram, Zoloft has had). Hmm, I wonder if Topamax would give that kind of release if it works much the same as lamictal. Another thing, do you know if propranolol or other beta blocker would have an effect of blocking dopamine as well, or is it only targeting norepinephrine and epinephrine receptors?
  13. Very informative thanks. I would like to find out why lamictal had such a antidepressant effect on me and at the same time felt very focused and nerves were calmed. I haven’t experienced the same with valproate. I raised to 600mg and removed Zoloft 25mg, still have 15mg cymbalta. This change was made on Monday earlier this week. Of course I have to give it time to see but I’m very off, slow and depressed now. The tension continues in the lower back, not pain but as I wrote earlier, it makes my pelvis rotate forward and a lot of consequences builds up from that. Cymbalta now slows me down further, as before the diet change. I’ve been thinking during the years that perhaps I’ve damaged my brain/body, receptors etc after all medication changes, laborations back and forth, what do you think about that? It’s been practically about 15 years ago I felt as myself, when I enjoyed life and playing music and performing on stage was great. The past 15ish years have been terrible, plays like a beginner mostly, no creative flow etc, feel totally blocked, mentally and physically. I wonder if it’s any chance I would come back to my old self so to speak.
  14. Thanks, now I understand. Is lamictal and Topamax work the same way as Valproate regarding increases serotonin metabolism?