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  1. Thanks, and yes that makes sense. I believe Risperidone occupancy for 5HT2A is around 80% and around 50-60% for D2. That is, at 1mg, which is my current dose. But.... I need dopamine and also need it reduced. Like I cannot win here lol. Increased dopamine gives me motivation, energy, and makes social interactions not as bad. I actually feel somewhat “normal” after smoking pot. It used to make me paranoid as hell 10 years ago. Only difference is my brain was a teenagers back then - now I’m grown and also been on max dose SSRIS for like a year straight. So maybe the SSRIS somehow cancel out the marijuana induced paranoia, for me. As I just feel content. Same thing with other dopamine releasers/reuptake inhibitors such as Ritalin and Dexedrine - they make me feel more confident, content, talkative, motivated, etc. Which sometimes that helps distract me from my obession over someone - but sometimes it can make the anxiety feeling worse. Generally though boosting dopamine in me seems to have drastic positive effects. Just anxiety can get worse, and my love obessions if I’m not in a good mood or what not. Which my love obsessions control my life’s emotions.... I’m fact the only reason I take Risperidone is in hopes it will reduce my obession over someone I love. I don’t know what part of the dopamine reward system part of the brain that is thought to occur in - but if you happen to know: is there a better option then Risperidone if my ENTIRE goal is to suppress obessive love thoughts/feelings/etc? I mean if I do NOT take pot, Ritalin, adderall, or something like that I feel not only depressed and blah for the day, but my love obessions are still around in full force. So it seems even when “low on dopamine” I might get apathy towards life in general, but my love obessions doesn’t go away. If I boost dopamine (via the meds I mentioned above like Ritalin) I feel way better overall, but my love obessions are somewhat intensified - yet at the same time I feel better overall so I can distract myself much easier to get my mind off it, to something positive....So yeah, I dunno.
  2. Which also makes me wonder.... Is fluvoxamine perhaps the “gold standard” for OCD when it comes to SSRIS? That’s pretty high occupancy for it. Possibly higher then even Paxil, but not certain. Also kinda confused how again does Risperidone potentiate THC? If someone can explain in a simple way lol. I mean being a “dopamine blocker” it seems like it would weaken its dopamine actions, no? I’m wondering if it actually weakens THC, as the one day I missed a dose I felt THC more. I mean I understand the whole “by blocking dopamine here it actually will cause in increase in ____ area” I understand that, but doesn’t Risperidone aim more towards serotonin? 5HT2A? Then as the dose increases it starts to block more dopamine..... but it seems like risperidone doesn’t block nearly as much dopamine as some of the “typical” meds. As it just sounds like it’s properties (Risperdal) will always make it more blocking of serotonin over dopamine. Even at increased doses it’s still going to be swayed more toward sertonin, no? Confusing med.
  3. Wikipedia claims it can reach 100% occupancy with chronic dosages. Think it’s true? It says: A positron emission tomography study found that a single low dose of 10 mg clomipramine to healthy volunteers resulted in 81.1% occupancy of the SERT, which was comparable to the 84.9% SERT occupancy by 50 mg fluvoxamine.[52] In the study, single doses of 5 to 50 mg clomipramine resulted in 67.2 to 94.0% SERT occupancy while single doses of 12.5 to 50 mg fluvoxamine resulted in 28.4 to 84.9% SERT occupancy.[52] Chronic treatment with higher doses was able to achieve up to 100.0% SERT occupancy with clomipramine and up to 93.6% SERT occupancy with fluvoxamine.[52] O
  4. Do you think it’s worth a try? I didn’t know it hit more serotonin receptors, that’s good to know. Would it’s added noradrenaline possibly worsen OCD and anxiety though? Or is it’s sertonin action so strong it doesn’t matter? My obessive love is so bad that if I don’t get a text message back I assume they no longer care and I can get suicidal. It’s so bad words cannot describe it. I can barely get out of of bed everyday. I haven’t left the house in 3 months! Besides to get food, which is walking distance. Haven’t been looking for a job, the pain from the obsessive love thoughts is SO intense I simply cannot function. I cannot even hold down a job. After research I found “obsessive love disorder” and it’s the ONLY disorder that is 99.9% accurate. Problem? It is so rare (affects only 0.1% of population) and not fully understood or known. I haven’t tried therapy. I also have no insurance so that doesn’t help. Well, I tried talk therapy like 7 or so years ago and it didn’t help. In fact they gave me some stupid advice like “why not fall in love with someone who you don’t find extremely attractive and attached to?” Uhh if I had any control over who I love I wouldn’t even have the problem. This sucks. I need something to shut out the obessive love thoughts (and the anxiety it causes) but so far no medication has worked
  5. No, I haven’t. Have tried many SSRIS though at high doses, such as:Prozac up to 80mg (2010 or so). Lexapro 30mg. Zoloft 200mg (currently on) and Paxil 40mg. I wonder if the TCA will actually be any more effective then SSRIS since they both have the same goal, in regards to serotonin. But maybe it is... Also in response to the other comments sometimes “getting high” can make intrusive thoughts worse for me, but also it had the ability to make me feel artificially happy so that if I had intrusive thoughts they would be stupid/funny things. So normally isn’t an issue. But tonight is the worst I have felt in probably over a decade. The only difference is I took 15mg hydrocodone for pain, both physical and emotional pain. It doesn’t seem to blunt my emotions at all. Maybe In fact simply thinking about the person I love (which I cannot control, those are the really only intrusive thoughts I ever have) is making me feel like dying to end this misery is a now an option. Why, why can’t I find a medicine to simply help blunt my emotions so I don’t feel suicidal over loving someone who doesn’t love me back? My emotions are normally 1000x more intense than the “average person” so without Benzos and SSRIS I don’t think i’d Still be alive. BUT... Instead of feeling my emotional pain X1000? The Benzos and SSRIS reduces it to maybe only X 200 worse. Basically even when on multiple drugs that are known to cause emotional blunting which I’m on 3: SSRI, Risperidone, and Benzos - well, my emotions aren’t even blunted!! They are still so intense that I’m back to feeling suicidal. I even took an older hydrocodone prescription in hopes it would help numb the intense emotional pain - nope! I still feel so shitty that I could jump off a bridge. I guess my emotional pain is so strong that I still feel intense emotional pain after taking freaking Benzos, SSRI, antipsychotic, AND opioids? I really don’t know what else to try or do anymore
  6. Fuck I give up. I went to taking 2mg for about 4-5 days, then went back down to 1mg, then forgot to refill it. But taking 0.5mg or 2mg - felt the same.... Absouktely nothing works. Zoloft, max dose + Ritalin + Risperidone + Vicodin + Pot + Benzos = STILL have those intrusive thoughts. I’ve tried them all seperatrly, and together, and even all at once. Even on a bunch of meds that are known to cause happiness, yet I still cannot feel normal. I feel artificial happiness short term - somewhat - at least in the sense being high makes things easier to laugh at, for example. But I can get so high that I cannot walk straight and vomit - yet I STILL CANNOT get those intrusive love thoughts out of my head. I’m totally f*******
  7. I wonder if going from 1mg to 2mg would help OCD or not? I mean it’s dopamine blocking becomes much greater at 2mg. One night I did take two pills or 2mg. I slept easier, but it was harder to wake up. I felt “medicine head” which actually I found to be a good thing. The fact I get basically zero side effects from SSRIS or Risperidone of all things - makes me wonder if the dose I’m on isn’t strong enough to “do anything”. As it took 200mg of Zoloft before I felt a SINGLE side effect from SSRIS. And it was a beneficial one, but I cannot believe 150mg and below felt like taking a sugar pill: both effect wise and side effect wise. At least having some side effects you know the medication is “doing something”. So I wonder if 2mg Risperidone might work better.
  8. Well, I have noticed this: smoking it has a vastly different effect then an edible. I believe the Edibiles are just THC. So when taking just THC like a gummy or either edible in the 5-10mg of THC (unknown perhaps zero CBD content) range there are a couple times I felt “on top of the world” feeling. Wish that feeling could be 24/7 and my sertonin and dopamine was always that high, or whatever it was. Smoking it doesn’t cause that same good feeling really, maybe just because it’s weaker, I don’t know. Or maybe because smoking it has THC + CBD while edibles are just THC. As it seems increasing dopamine (for me) results in more motivation, energy, mood boost, etc - but OCD can get worsened somewhat. As if I take my ADHD meds (been on Dexedrine, Adderall, and Ritalin) any of those meds all cause me a major mood boost, but like I said above it can worsen my OCD. But normally I’m able to think of something else and I’m back to feeling the mood boost. As Adderall causes a major mood boost - which I believe it reuptakes and relases dopamine, while Ritalin I believe is more of a reuptake inhibitor. Regardless they both drastically improve overall mood. My guess is because they “increase” dopamine levels. So I only take risperidone in hopes that it’s dopamine blockade would perhaps lessen OCD. Not sure if it’s working. Since higher dopamine seemed to be capable of worsening attachment disorders, anxiety, and just obsessive thoughts. So I thought risperidone is generally an “anti dopamine drug” as it blocks/rebalances it - so I thought that it would be good for me possibly. Seems not to be the case as heavy dopamine agents like Dexedrine cause the biggest mood boost of all, besides perhaps marijuana. And I believe it’s the pot that’s making the nicotine strongest in my case. Kinda pointless for me to take a med that “blocks dopamine” at night, then during the day take a med that cause the release of and/or reuptakes dopamine. Perhaps counter productive, no?
  9. Interesting but confusing. Studies from Oxford University have shown that between 46 percent and 71 percent of antidepressant users have experienced emotional blunting during treatment. How come risperidone would cause someone to feel flat/less emotions? Would it be because it blocks dopamine? I thought SSRIS did so by “increasing sertonin” and often high sertonin and low dopamine was linked to SSRIS causing people to feel less emotions. Some report it happens in over 60% of people, it’s a super common side effect of SSRIS. There’s even an entire website dedicated to people who “fell out of love due to SSRIS” after being on SSRIS. They all claim the same thing: they felt less emotions on SSRIS and stopped caring about their relationships. Tons of people online say it caused them divorces due to lack of emotions... My former Roomate took Prozac and 6 weeks later divorced her life long partner.... She became emotionally numb on Prozac and told me that. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2989833/ “In the existing literature, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor exposure has been occasionally associated with both behavioral apathy and emotional blunting.” https://www.mdmag.com/medical-news/half-of-patients-on-antidepressants-experience-emotional-blunting >>Links to study on sciencedirect: Highlights: “The rate of emotional blunting in patients currently treated with antidepressants was 46%. Blunting scores on a bespoke scale (OQESA) correlated with self reported depression. A negative perception of emotional blunting is most likely when the effect is strong. Emotional blunting is not a simple side-effect of antidepressants; it behaves also like a residual symptom of depression.“ https://www.verywellmind.com/can-antidepressants-make-you-feel-emotionally-numb-1067348 Google has countless sources from blogs to actual studies, almost all say SSRIS cause emotional blunting. So I’m kinda confused as to why you said they shouldn’t?
  10. You haven’t heard of SSRIS causing emotional blunting? I thought it was a commonly known issue. I believe “SSRI induced indifference” is the actual name behind it from studies.
  11. Browri: Thanks for the info. I’m confused on: “With THC increasing dopamine release through activation of CB1 receptors and CBD modulating that dopamine activity by binding to D2 receptors, you kind of have yourself an atypical antipsychotic don't you?” I thought that atypical antipsychotics worked by modulating dopamine activity in the opposite way or much differently then THC? Also in terms of the SSRIS causing the zombie/emotional blunting due to high sertonin and low dopamine levels - that’s kinda odd. I’ve heard people talk about it and knew it was possible but they don’t do that for me. I could (or can) still feel emotions “too much” even at max dose SSRIS.... I actually would like some emotional blunting but I don’t get any. The one side effect I wish SSRIS would give me, and it doesn’t.... As my attachment problem is emotional based so having a way to blunt it, even if only somewhat, would be very nice.... But in theory then you’re saying that risperidone could make it worse (at least for me) as I still have basically all the low sertonin symptoms even being on an SSRI and risperidone...Huh. But update wise: Been on it a few weeks now still at 1mg and it doesn’t feel like I’m taking anything.... but then again I’m not sure. As things like THC and nicotine seemed to be more potent: so is it from the SSRI or risperidone? Or both? Guess I won’t ever really know since I increased Zoloft around the same time as starting risperidone, so it could be from upping the Zoloft by 50mg and finally achieving Therapeutic levels - or it could be from starting the 1mg risperidone. Damn I should have asked my doctor if I could have spaced them out to see which med is doing what (or anything). I got ULTRA stressed a couple weeks ago when I decided to hangout with the person I have an attachment on. So I bought cigarettes and beer, and started to smoke again. I quit cold turkey a year or so ago, and have gone on and off many cold turkey in the past 10 years and never having any WD, it honestly felt like nicotine/cigarettes did nothing mentally to me during those 10+ years on and off - the only addictive part that kept me smoking was blowing out smoke and “looking cool”. But now after being on SSRI long term and at high dose - or being on Risperidone - or maybe Combo of both - whatever the case they seem to also intensify nicotine. As I feel that “nicotine buzz”. I also felt slightly better mentally - like more confident. I never got those positive mood boosts from nicotine before.... So I wonder if Zoloft and/or Risperidone is causing the nicotine to release more dopamine and serotonin? Or possibly other things? Or maybe nicotine never did anything mentally before as there wasn’t “much dopamine or serotonin to work with” in the first place - and the SSRI changed that by reuptaking sertonin, and Risperidone by... Well, not sure I figured by blocking dopamine such as D2 it would weak nicotine’s effects But I haven’t fully read the comments above yet so maybe I should =P
  12. I’m too high to read all this right now but.... I think my dopamine must be skyyy high as my “reward system” seems to be in over-drive. This is only in about a bigger half of a gummy or maybe 7.5mg thc. Wowz. I am in Colorado so they make the content well know at stores. Because winning a video-game I play daily feels SO REWARDING. Like I’m the king or something for winning, lol.
  13. So does the Risperidone enhance THC? I thought they would only “compete” against each other since the risperidone blocks dopamine or multiple subtypes of it. I linked the picture a couple of pages ago. So from what I gather it’s (Risperdal) a very strong D2 blocker, among many others for dopamine and serotonin. Sertonin According to Wikipedia it’s actuallt more potent at 5T2A (0.17 nM) while it’s D2 action is (3.57). So since risperidone is “blocking dopamine” does that in turn make dopamine release more effective or sensitive to marijuana? Heck with the whole auto-receptors and pre/post synaptic receptors it gets confusing. Wikipedia states: “”Risperidone has more pronounced serotonin antagonism than dopamine antagonism” which is interesting. I guess I’m just confused as to why being a sertonin blocker at multiple other areas (some very potent some less) would benefit OCD? As from what I understand they in general “reduce dopamine activity” or “stabilize it” or what not, as I know by blocking it can actually caused enhanced _____ and so fourth. Very Complex. But still in general wouldn’t something like haloperidol (which seems to be mainly a potent dopamine blocker) be more effective in treating anxiety and OCD compared to risperidone? Since Risperidone claims that be being a Dopamine antagonist (primarily D2) it leads to “reduced dopamine activity/signaling” which is how the medication works - primarily. But since it also blocks multiple sertonin areas it technically reduces sertonin activity. While SSRIS “increase activity” (post wise I believe) or whatever the proper wording is. Point being is it seems to me like risperidone is almost doing the opposite of what SSRIS are suppose to do, no? If so wouldn’t that be counter-productive for OCD/anxiety by blocking sertonin when taking risperidone? It seems that haloperidol is not only a much weaker sertonin blocker, but also seems to hit less sertonin areas? So I wonder if that’s true if meds like haloperidol may be better to combine with an SSRI then Risperidone? Since haloperidol doesn’t block nearly as much sertonin as risperidone? Maybe someone here knows
  14. I could have a mild/moderate cause of serotonin syndrome and just not even care lol. I cannot stop moving for the life of me. My muscles are going crazy. But I feel absolutely lovely, mentally. Ok now I cant stop moving... Sorta....Now I stopped. Uh, well that was fast. Feels like maybe blood pressure/etc increased and even anxiety - but not anxiety. It’s weird as hell. The normal butterflies I would normally get are overwhelming. I feel zero of that. None, nada. So...I’m just going to move on Oh I forgot I took 100mg 5HTP today. No wonder this feels like having super high serotonin... just happy and not giving a damn. Dopamine and noradrenaline give me energy/anxiety and motivation. I have motivation I guess but feel almost a happy numbing? Cause I just like everything I think. Oh I don’t recommend marijuana btw... I bet if I turned off the lights I probably could have minor visual hallucinations... I’m going try... come back in a minute... okay I spent what felt like 30 mins insanely high felt like my 3rd eye was opening lol. I’m going to stop typing now i like clam chowder and music oh and I shattered my phone. Oops
  15. Totally off topic but I think Risperidone makes pot much more crazy lol. Or also/and/or since this is the longest period I have ever taken SSRIS, about 1 year or so. I remember Paxil + pot was pretty nuts. Felt like my serotonin sky rocketed, among who knows what else. Lol. Now a year on that + or other SSRIS. hmm. Or a combo of the SSRI + risperidone is just a heck of a combo. I happen to live in one of those states where it’s legal, so yeah lol. I’m soooo... why can’t we always feel this good? I’m eating Claw chowder and I don’t know why **Clam