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    I think I hate most of the human race

    i have a lot of problems having friends most of all b/c of my borderline, but what helps me maintaining existing connections is trying to foster empathy in myself and try and be selfless. instead of "what is this person bringing into my life, are they worth me" i think "what can i do to understand this person better, feel what they're feeling and what am i bringing into their life"? but it only works b/c i have good people in my life to begin with... i've known a lot of lonely people, especially a lot of lonely people with severe MI, it's not easy to have friends and most people are assholes. hang in there.
  2. domovoi


    not when i was young but for the past year i have nightmares every single night to the point where i dread going to bed, i know it's going to be another terrible nightmare, where i am chased and tortured or my whole family is killed viciously in front of me, that kind of stuff. don't really know what to do.
  3. domovoi

    How much do you sleep?

    10-11 hours, and this was before I was ever on psychiatric medication. when i get very sick i sleep up to 20 hours. i currently need to take vyvanse or some other ADHD stimulant. i used to be on modafinil but my insurance stopped covering it.
  4. hello all, i'm having a lot of trouble with some inattention/hyperactivity and i've been seeing psychiatrists for 16 years+ now but only recently my pdoc started suggesting i have some ADHD symptoms and i was wondering if those of you who have ADHD for sure and have been aware of it for a long time validate some symptoms for me? like do you experience the same kinds of things? - inability to sit in lectures for longer than 10 minutes, feeling like need to move and feeling like "being on fire" and needing to leave? - inability to read for longer than 10-15 minutes, lose thread of thought, feeling almost like emotional pain because can't go on with reading? - same for everything that requires concentration for longer than 15 minutes? - at work doing 1000 things at the same time (write 3 words in an email, then go back to the Word document, then adjust music volume, go back write another 5 words in the email, check another email, forget to add attachments etc etc) - panic while watching movies bc losing track of what's going on have to take a break? the problem is i also have borderline and boredom is a huge thing for me, and i can't escape boredom but is it bc i can't pay attention? or just.. what? WHAT'S GOING ON I'M SO CONFUSED?? could i really have had ADHD for years and decades and never realized it until now that i've stabilized my bipolar on meds? is that a thing? pls help guys thanks i'm not a freak right.