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  1. AnxietyGirl74

    Need A New AD

    Honestly, I’m not sure myself how similar they are. I just remember one of the times an AD had pooped out on me, my psychiatrist suggested pristiq when I had mentioned that several years ago I had done well on Effexor. She said they were very similar, and I believe she said it was a cleaner Effexor. I actually didn’t do well on it, but just wanted throw that out there to discuss with your psychiatrist and get his opinion on.
  2. AnxietyGirl74

    Trintellix and OCD?

    I'm not a doctor, but I have OCD. I was always told that Luvox and Prozac were the major drugs for OCD. Is thee a reason he stopped that low. I was on Luxox CR, I think it was called, and I was on a really high dose. My question mark button is messed up but do you think upping the Luvox or switching to Luvox CR might help, may have a different name now since it's generic/ Zoloft and Paxil are also used for OCD. I don't know much about Trintellix so I can't say how much it effects OCD, I just remember the old standard drugs. Sorry I can't be of more help. I was on Remeron when I was hospitalized back in 2012, but was taken off quickly when I was out because of weight gain and how sleepy it makes you. Hope you find something that helps you.
  3. AnxietyGirl74

    Need A New AD

    I think Pristiq is somewhat like Effexor. That might be an option. Another option might be adding an antidepressant to the mix. Adding Wellbutrin might help. I don''t know for sure but it might be something to look st if you don't have anxiety. I have anxiety issuers and I still take it and it doesn't make them worse for me. I've been on it for about 4 years. It's something to maybe ask about and just see. Good luck. I hope you find something that works for you. It's so frustrating to find the right one.
  4. Hello from a coastal NC neighbor!

    1. AnxietyGirl74


      hi. how are you/ Sorry my computer screwed up so it won't let me do question marks. I actually had to move to coastal SC but I'm still pretty close. I used to go to Trinity Wellness Center when I was in Leland. Now I go to Michael Wilcox in Garden City. 

      I hope you're doing well. This is the time of year I usually have a rough time. I'm actually doing well so far, though. I was shocked,  but in a good way. Glad to hear from a neighbor even if it is a little further than originally thought.

  5. i agree. When i see him Monday, I think I'm going to ask him to keep me on the same dose of Lamictal. Right now I'm feeling really good. I know he's probably going to have to switch me from Rexulti to Latuda for insurance reasons and I get that but October to December is usually my really depressed for the most part time so I'm happy that I'm up, but not too crazy, right now. It's been a while since I've felt this way and even on another board I post on a lot, just about everything, they were talking about how much happier and not so angry a lot of the time so I'm going to let him know that, too. Hope things are going okay for you.
  6. it was just to be on less meds. i have several different conditions so i'm on a ton of them.
  7. i think just to be on less meds. i'm on a lot. Forgot to add, i have several different conditions I'm on medication for.
  8. I have gastroparesis and orthostatic hypotension. Because of this I have had to move in with my parents for safety reasons because I have been fainting from getting so dehydrated from getting so sick from the gastroparesis (paralyzed stomach). I had to sell my house, lost my job, and I'm back with my parents while most of my friends have moved away and are married and i'm divorced with my parents. They just turned 70 and I am scared what's going to happen to me when they are gone. My sister has her own family. I met a guy a few weeks ago, but there wasn't really any chemistry there so we ended up just friends. Nice guy, just no chemistry. I am finally at a good point. Most of my issues are fairly well under control under my current regimine. Because I'm doing well on the lithium, he is wanting to cut down on the lamictal with the goal of coming off it. I'm scared. I'm doing so well with being on the 150 mg and everything being like it is right now, I'm so scared of anything changing.
  9. I was put on lithium a few weeks ago. I spent over $1,000 on a new iPad Pro and pencil 2 days later and lied to my parents that it was hardly any more money than my old iPad, which I gave to my mom, lying to her and telling her I lost my iPad and used insurance and was due for an upgrade, which wasn’t much more (the way I was able to pay for the iPad Pro outright was because I got really sick so I had to sell my house and go back and live with my parents because I was fainting from dehydration from gastroparesis). I’ve spent $6000 of the money I put in savings from it so far and am hoping I can get a handle on the high I get from spending lots of money. My credit card bills are crazy and I still spend. Right now I feel good and kind of okay. I haven’t gotten a high from sex or spending (I quit drinking a while back). He’s lowered my lamictal attempting to get me off but I’m kind of scared because it feels so good and in control (even though it’s only been a few weeks) with my meds like this now that the lithium has gotten in and I have that and the lowered lamictal dose. I’m scared if anything changes, I’ll start acting like I was again. I go to my therapist Wednesday and plan to talk to her about this but sometimes it’s easier to talk to people who have been there. thanks for listening. Hope that wasn’t TMI.
  10. Everybody is different but my favorite is prozac. I'm on a dose of 80 mg (the reason it's so high is because of my OCD; usually, higher doses are required for OCD). It, along with a few add ons, have really helped with my depression. My only problem with it a few years ago was that it pooped out on me about 9 years ago, but I started on it again about 3 years ago and have been fine since then. Anyway, if I had to pick, it's my favorite. I also take Wellbutrin SR 150, which I like, but I had to pick between the two, definitely prozac.
  11. AnxietyGirl74

    Think I may be bipolar

    Thanks. I appreciate your answer. I think I’ll do that. I had forgotten this, but last year one of my closest friends who has known me since I was 4 told me she thought I was bipolar. I just kind of flipped it off, but reading this book it’s like I’m reading about my own life.
  12. AnxietyGirl74

    Think I may be bipolar

    Nevermind, I'm on the same meds as what WebMd says I would probably be on if I were bipolar so I can wait until the next time I see him.
  13. I was reading this book about a girl who is bipolar and it could've been my life. She was talking about substance abuse and drinking by herself and about having random sex with a.lot of different guys. That was me about two years ago. I have been diagnosed with a mood disorder and bipolar was mentioned once, but was kind of glance over after that. I also go on big shopping sprees a lot I'm 44 and have had gastroparesis and orthostatic hypotension so I've had to move in with my parents and I still do the shopping a lot, but the other two I don't do anymore for obvious reasons. Right now I'm on prozac 80 mags, ability 10 msg, lamictal 200 msg twice a day, Wellbutrin sr 150 twice a day, and klonopin 1 mg twice a day. My old psychiatrist at one point was going to put me on lithium but it never happened. I don't see my psychiatrist again until November so I don't know if I should give him this info or not. Also, if I should, do I call and give this info, or wait until November? I definitely want to stay on prozac, too, because it helps with my OCD tendencies. I don't really care about anything else. And maybe I don''t have it. I just haven't mentioned any of this to him. But that book could've been my life. Except she didn't have the shopping sprees I did. Please don't say anything mean. I know I don't definitely have it even though I'm on the bipolar forum. I just want to see if it's worth contacting my psych about it or not and whether by phone or meeting up with him.