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  1. That was last May and I ended up becoming full blown manic and psychotic, followed by severe psychotic depression and was in the hospital for 3 months. With the addition of haloperidol and clonazepam to my usual cocktail I eventually recovered. My pdoc said it was highly likely that the mania was triggered by travelling across time zones. Apparently travelling from West to East can cause mania in people with bipolar disorder and going from East to West can cause depression.
  2. Yeah it has caused massive weight gain with me too but I don't do well without it
  3. I take Seroquel, Valproate, Lamictal and Prozac for my Bipolar Disorder. They all help in their own ways but I definitely feel that Seroquel XR is my "bread and butter" of my medication cocktail as it deals with depression, mania, sleep and anxiety for me at my current dose of 800mg
  4. Yes my pdoc was fairly adamant that I go off it. He replaced it with depakote and things were a bit hairy for a while but my mood settled down fully after 3 months
  5. I experienced no symptoms but my regular blood test showed my kidneys were only working at 52%
  6. I developed kidney disease after taking lithium for 13.5 years and had to stop taking it as a result
  7. I was hospitalised on 1st June because of being unmanageable at home. I was acutely manic and was experiencing hallucinations. I was convinced my mother was dead and that was the major delusion. I even saw her being wheeled out of the ward with a sheet covering her. I saw dead babies everywhere. It was awful. Anyway there were loads of other stuff. Then when I was depressed I received command hallucinations telling me to kill myself. Now I am almost back to normal but the Queen of England keeps telling me that there are a shortage of females in the royal family I need to go over as I am next in line for the throne. And at the beginning it was exciting but now I'm not so sure and have no idea what to do. She's persecuting me day and night. She told me first on TV but now putting pressure on frequently. I don't know what to do.
  8. So my mood is going a bit high again which i really don't need. I I spent 8 weeks in a psychiatric unit because i was manic. I was home for 10 days became very depressed and suicidal so I was admitted to the psychiatric unit again for another 3 weeks. I was discharged last Wednesday and my mood is now mood is now becoming elevated and the Home Based Treatment Nurse is calling out to see me shortly with lorazepam/ativan 2mg. Does anybody here with bipolar get any benefit from taking ativan
  9. Seroquel XR 800mg at night ( mood stabiliser ) Sodium Valproate Chrono 1600mg at night ( mood stabiliser ) Lamotrigine 150mg in morning and 100mg at night ( mood stabiliser / bipolar depression ) Fluoxetine recommenced starting at 20mg and then increased to 40 mg 3 weeks ago ( bipolar depression ) Haloperidol 5mg twice daily (psychotic symptoms) Flurazepam 15 - 30mg at night ( insomnia )
  10. I was put back on prozac 20mg for 2 weeks and then on 40mg for 3 weeks and my mood has definitely improved and thankfully no adverse effects so far !
  11. In your experience have you taken an antidepressant specifically an SSRI and it made you activated, agitated, irritable and unable to sleep
  12. I went 4 days with zero sleep. Not even one hour. It caused both mania and was a symptom of mania
  13. So I was manic for 8 weeks. I am now severely depressed and my pdoc took me of fluoxetine when i was manic, but now she has put me back on fluoxetine 20 mg. I'm worried I will become manic again. I had a very bad manic episode this time and don't want a reccurance. If you became manic on an antidepressant how long did it take for you to become manic. Was it gradual or sudden? I wonder could I recognize symptoms quickly and go off it.
  14. When I was being treated by the Home Based Treatment Team I was not coping well I was taken off my fluoxetine 40mg. I gave all my money away and took long bus journeys to random places so I had to go into the hospital. When i was really unwell in the hospital I was on clonazepam 1.5mg 3 times daily, haloperidol 5mg twice daily, flurazepam 30mg as well as sodium valproate 1600mg, lamictal 250mg, and quetiapine xr 800mg. I became really groggy but when the they decreased the dosages I would become very agitated again. So after 3 weeks of heavy sedation the clonazepam was decreased slowly until it was 0.5mg three times daily and I was fine with that. The 7th week I was there my haloperidol dose was decreased to once daily and I was fine with that. I was probably just getting better anyway. By the time I was discharged last Monday l was on: Clonazepam 0.5mg twice daily PRN (have only had to use about 5 times) Flurazepam 15mg PRN (never used so far) Quetiapine XR 800mg Lamictal 150mg AM 100mg PM Sodium Valproate 1800mg ( increased from 1600mg ) However my mood has dipped dramatically since Wednesday so the on call pdoc restarted me on fluoxetine 20mg yesterday and I am back under the care of the Home Based Treatment Team which means a nurse will call to my house every day and spend a while chatting and trying to encourage and support me and I have an appointment with my pdoc on Wednesday.
  15. Became very manic. Had visual hallucinations which were horrific. Spent 8 weeks in the psychiatric unit. Home 1 week. Was OK for a few days but now slipping into depression so am back on fluoxetine 20mg. I had been on 40mg for a few years but had to go off it at end of May due to mania. They are going to keep a close eye on things with a nurse visiting/ringing every day. Sick of all this crap