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  1. deeschmee

    So Confused As Usual

    You nailed it for sure. And thank you for helping me sort this all out. I have no clue. About most things
  2. deeschmee

    So Confused As Usual

    So now this guy called me to apologize for confusing me and he said yes actions do speak louder than words and even though he's not ready for a relationship he enjoys my company and spending time with me and thinks I'm super cool and would like to hang out again. I just can't wrap my head around all this
  3. deeschmee

    So Confused As Usual

    I'm sure he is confused. But I don't understand why he act so lovey dovey. He behaves as if he truly likes me when he's buzzed. Isn't alcohol the truth serum? Don't actions speak louder than words? I've never met I guy so wishy washy
  4. So I started hanging out with this guy I met at work. He told me from the get-go he wasn't in a place to be in a relationship yet he still wanted to hang out and spend time. The few times we hung out and he's gotten buzzed he's become very sexual. I'm also cool with just FWB. The minute he's sober he backs away but still says he enjoys my company and thinks I'm super cool. Any guys I've met before are very clear about their intentions. Either let's bang or let's be in a relationship. Why is he flip flopping? I'm so confused....
  5. deeschmee

    How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    I'm sorry your feeling that way. I understand how a maternal person can make you feel that way though. It's a struggle. I experienced the same thing with both my adopted M and birth M
  6. deeschmee

    How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    Anxious, a little paranoid. Feeling worthless. Not capable of relationships
  7. Oh my god. It's fallen on me like a giant boulder. I thought I was just very tired, but it's back. Depression

  8. deeschmee

    How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    I wish the same on my adopted mom. I never thought about it actually happening. I don't think we have the power to actually make it happen. From where I am it seems like she's caused you a great deal of pain. Your reaction to that is perfectly normal and acceptable. Imo anyway. Nasty people wind up alone in the end I'd like to say I've felt that way also, except I don't know what a wanker is 🤓
  9. It's all come to a pressure point with my daughter and I don't know if I'm strong enough to deal.

    She missed school again, day 8. I told her I would get her dad involved. Now she's lashing out and I am crumbling

    1. jt07


      Dee, let her lash out. You have to be firm. Don't crumble. Parents really can't be friends with their teenage children. Once she becomes an adult and has to walk in your shoes for a while, you can become the best of friends. But right now she needs a firm parent, not a friend.

    2. Geek


      It sucks to be 17.

      It also sucks to parent a teenager - all teenagers, not just MI ones and not just when you're MI yourself! But being firm, holding your ground... she will thank you for that later. Remember that you're trying to keep her best interests in mind, not just her current interests.

      My father always said his goal was to have a good relationship with each of his children when they turned 25. His parenting strategies were not without issues, and we had a strained relationship when I was a teen. Still do - but I have more respect looking back now, than I did in the moment.

    3. deeschmee


      Good advice. All I can do is ignore her lashing out I guess. The hormones are fluctuating too. She triggers my MI when she lashes out.

      The school psychologist said not to respond to her texts/calls when she is at school. That she needs to learn how to develop coping skills. She us being counseled at school which is helpful.

  10. deeschmee

    Anyone Met There Birth Family?

    Unless your adopted, then it's difficult to understand the feelings of abandonment. Regardless of what the birth mother/parent had intended. I recently found out that my birth mother had a daughter and met her future husband when she was pregnant with me. I believe she even married him ( to keep him out of jail. And he was under age) while she was pregnant with me. Told the judge he's was going to settle down and be a good dad to the baby (me). I was not his and she gave me away. Many, many feelings for me surrounding this...
  11. That's very helpful. It's a whole different worry when you see your child suffering. It also triggers my MI symptoms. Your support is very helpful Thank you for your support 💜
  12. I believe you've had luck with writing before. Can you write all this down in order to organize your thoughts? Also to help with talking to Dr? I hope you feel better soon💜
  13. Um, no. I'm posting about parenting/childhood issues and have done so before under this same topic.
  14. Huh What do you mean
  15. I have a hormonal teenage daughter age 17 who is going through panic attacks and depression and wants to leave school every single day. She's feeling junior year she skips classes and leaves early. When she's home all she does is sit in her room and sleep and sometimes not eat. Yet she rejects any form of help tells me she won't talk to anyone but at least I got her to go to her pediatrician to talk about antidepressants. Sometimes I wonder if she's elaborating just to get out of school? Idk... Help please