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  1. deeschmee


    @DammitJanet that face!!! Oh my gosh! I want to kiss it!! @coraline your very lucky to be loved by a pup. I wish I had one again, but all I have are 3 cats...who fight
  2. deeschmee


    I believe animals can sense out emotions. My kitty stares at me when I'm crying and snuggles on my chest frequently ( she's quite overweight) @DammitJanet what kind of pup is Abby?
  3. deeschmee

    Funky Music Videos

  4. deeschmee

    whatever the weather

    I was about to walk to the store... until I realized it's 18°
  5. deeschmee

    Favorite musical?

    Ted Neeley is Super sexy too!
  6. deeschmee

    Favorite musical?

    Holy shit that made my day!!!
  7. deeschmee

    Favorite musical?

    Definitely Jesus Christ Superstar. Miss Saigon is second
  8. deeschmee

    How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    It's 6:40pm here. Is that too early for bed? I have been sick...
  9. deeschmee


    I would feel the same way. You know your pup better than anyone. Maybe a new vet is in order?
  10. deeschmee

    How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    I would imagine it's not. Can you try an ice pack on your neck? Shopping online is stressful. Especially something like a matress. I'm sure it's going to be nice and comfy though. Brand new. So good for your back.
  11. deeschmee


    Right, or maybe I get a laugh from some show like Family Guy
  12. deeschmee


    When was the last time you felt true genuine happiness? Even briefly? I can't remember...