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  1. This illustration makes me lol. It's by cartoonist Edward Gorey.
  2. lisa2712

    Is My Mom A Bad Mom?

    No, you didn't. After I vented in my original posting, I then went to my mom, asking how I should respond to your questions. TBH, I go through times of hating my mother for the control she has over my life, and then times of being grateful she's in my life because she's my only cheerleader/friend in my life. These love/hate feelings I have for my mom switch back and forth, and have been doing so for about 5 years.
  3. lisa2712

    Is My Mom A Bad Mom?

    I don't feel comfortable sharing that information. As I had said before (my mother told me this write this BTW), you're not telling me if you're on any type of disability for your MI, so why do I have to tell you if I'm on disability or not?
  4. lisa2712

    Is My Mom A Bad Mom?

    I don't know. My mom and my LCSW therapist just want me to stick with volunteering, for now at least. Yes, I do think my mom's overprotective. I know she can't protect me forever. She also told me it's really no one else's business. I mean, I don't know what job you do or don't do, right? Before, I was upset and angry at what my LCSW told me about having a bad quality of life because I stay home most of the time, and it triggered something in me. But now I feel better, I guess because I vented.
  5. lisa2712

    What was your happy moment today?

    Laughing with my LCSW (therapist)! I haven't laughed in so long.
  6. lisa2712

    Is My Mom A Bad Mom?

    My mom says I'm making this sound extremely one-sided. She says she would love for me to be working and independent. I make bad choices, and she's trying to protect to protect me from my bad judgement. The one job I had I was fired from, because I couldn't do it basically from my social anxiety. I decided to erase my OP. I was just venting. The only people I can vent to are my mom and therapist (LCSW). It got me upset when my therapist basically told me that I don't have a good quality of life because I don't volunteer or get out of the house much.
  7. Hello, For those on Latuda, do you have to take it with a meal consisting of at least 350 calories? I have been told to take Latuda 20 mg after dinner. Taking it in the AM makes me too tired. I read online that one has to have at least 350 calories in their stomach before taking Latuda, or it can cause stomach problems. I'm on a diet, and I usually take about 150-200 or so calories for my dinner. It is my lightest meal of the day. Thank You for Your Advice, Lisa2712
  8. Also, The pharmacist told me to take it anytime during the day (but always with food), and the instructions say to take it anytime during the day, with food. Yeah, I knew it made me tired most of the day, and may have increased social anxiety, but I didn’t realize it made more “stimulated” until the waitress at the restaurant today told me to calm down lol.
  9. Hi, I'm only on my 4th day of taking Latuda 20 mg, and I get very tired about 4 hours after taking it, then I need to sleep. It's hard to do things when I'm always exhausted. I was told by my psychiatrist to take it in the morning after breakfast, so I take it at about 9 am every morning, and by noon or 1 pm I'm exhausted for hours, then sometimes I feel better by 6 pm. I called my psychiatrist and told her about my tiredness, and I'm waiting for them to call me back. I usually avoid coffee because it hurts my stomach, but today I felt like a walking zombie, so I drank 2 cups of coffee and I got my energy back! Yay! Even if it's temporary, it feels good to feel alive again. I also think Latuda increases my social anxiety, which already is very high. Like, I was looking into volunteering at a library, but since going on this medicine I don't feel comfortable being around people. And at DBT group today (it's only my 2nd time in this group), things were different, more subdued. And it's weird, I went into a restaurant today before my tiredness kicked in (at 11 am), and the waitress told me to, "Calm down." I didn't realize I wasn't calm. I was nervous (I'm often nervous walking into a restaurant, especially since I've been on Latuda), but I didn't realize I wasn't acting calm. Thank You, Lisa2712
  10. HI, Unfortunately, I'm not good with meds, so I look to spirituality to help me. (Esp. non-duality ATM, but that's a whole other thing, which probably has nothing to do with spirituality.) An entheogen is, "is a class of psychoactive substances that induce any type of spiritual experience aimed at development.[2] The term entheogen is often chosen to contrast recreational use of the same drugs." There is research going on in some universities to test if psychadelics (such as LSD, psilocybin Mushrooms, MDMA/Ecstasy, Ayahuasca, etc.) can help people heal from certain mental and emotional neurotic conditions. Some non-profits such as MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association of Psychadelic Studies - https://maps.org/ , and the Heffter Research Institute (https://heffter.org/) are researching the potential healing benefits of psychadelics. I find this interesting, because many people who use psychedelics say it has helped them overcome some kind of suffering in their life and/or increased their connection to life. I'm writing this post because I think it would be nice if one day (in my lifetime) it was found that psychadelics could be used as tools to help people, including neurotic people, especially if they're not good with taking meds (like me). And I know you're thinking, "Yeah, and it'd be great if I had a million dollars, but I don't." It's not a reality now, But some universities and non-profits are doing research on this, and many people who have done psychadelics illegally in the US or legally in other countries have testimonies on youtube stating that taking psychadelics have helped them.
  11. lisa2712

    Should the Whole World be Japan?

    I think that's when the workers work very long hours? It's like that in many countries, including South Korea, and I have relatives that work 80 hours/week here in the USA to make ends meet.
  12. lisa2712

    Should the Whole World be Japan?

    Cool! Can I ask, Are you Japanese ethnicity? I am aware that there are many people born and living in Japan who aren't 100 % Japanese ethnicity. I just became interested in Japan because of Japanese youtubers, and it seems to be an unusual, Unique country because it's been in isolation from the rest of the world for so much of it's history. Also, I live in Florida and there aren't any Japanese people here. Even the sushi restaurants are run by non-Japanese people.
  13. lisa2712

    Should the Whole World be Japan?

    Also, materially poor people (who compose about 70% of the world's population?), including some Americans, don't have the means to travel to other countries.