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Hi, I'm new, but my anxiety (depression, aspergers, etc etc) is NOT!!

Ok....I'm on Lamictal, been on 75mg for about 6 months now. Was on Effexor for over 15 years...didn't do me any good...tried to go off! My brain took a permanent hike into hell. So I trot on off to the doc for help...he puts me on Prozac to help with the withdrawls....YAY, I'm off Effexor. The Prozac made me angry and irritable and agitated and made all my asperger symptoms worse. Ok back to the doc I go. He puts me on Paxil....in the mean time I go to my primary care doc, cuz it is time to check my thyroid (hypothyroid here), sure enough, it is low again...so more Levothyroxine for me, as well as mega doses of Vit D (50,000 UI once a week) and 2500 mg B 12 (daily). So now, I'm on all these meds (as well as Xanax 3 mg per day divided up into smaller doses).....Oh and let's not forget Premarin, cuz I'm at "that" age (oh the joys of being female...NOT). So....anyhoo...I've been on Paxil 20mg per day (split into 2 doses), the megadoses of vitamins and the upped dose of thyroid meds (from .5 mcg to .75 mcg). And now, about one to 2 months later find myself extremely paranoid, agitated, irritable, asperger sensory sensitivities way worse than usual, BP symptoms and mood swings all over the place, I'm a mess.  

My question is: does Paxil, alone or combined with other meds make a person paranoid? The paranoia started at the same time as the addition of paxil, upping the Levothyroxine, and the megadoses of vitamins (for extreme fatigue).

I have no job due to the BP II and the Aspergers, so, no health insurance. I pay out of pocket....which is empty right now...for doc and meds.

If anyone has any helpful insight, I would sure appreciate it.

Totally freaked out here in Wisconsin.....HELP!!!!!!!!!

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It's possible that the meds are causing the paranoia, I guess. Antidepressants can cause agitation in bipolar people, and hypo/mania. Could this paranoia possibly be a warning sign of hypomanic episode to come? I get paranoid when I'm hypomanic. 


This is definitely something to talk to your doctors about, though I know affording it can be rough. I am in Canada, so I'm unfamiliar with any services for the uninsured in the states. Hopefully someone else will chime in. 


To deal with the paranoia, I always reality check, and have others reality check for me. Keep telling yourself these thoughts are not possible or not real. If possible, recruit a loved one to remind you that these thoughts are not real. 


I hope you can see a doctor soon. 

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My dad is schizoaffective and was really, really, really paranoid and delusional when he was on an antidepressant - I don't remember if it was Zoloft or Paxil, but antidepressants can do really bad things to people with bipolar disorders. He has some degree of paranoia at all times, but it was extremely severe when he was on antidepressants. 


Please check with a pdoc soon.

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Just want to say thanks to those who responded! I'm going to try some Omega 3 fish oil. After doing much research, fish oil was most often mentioned as a "help" for those withdrawing from SSRI meds. And a very slow tapering down! Glad I'm only on 15mg per day... :wall:    Hope the withdrawls won't be too unbearable!

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    • By lunafox
      Hello all, I'm looking for some med experience/anecdotes!
      I am bipolar and also have anxiety, ADHD, and PTSD. Currently I'm taking Lamictal (400mg/day), Geodon (80mg/day), and Adderall (25mg/day). I'm looking to change it up because I am seriously struggling with the side effects. Since starting Geodon I am tired all the time (it doesn't help that I'm in the midst of a depressive episode) and I've gained 20+ pounds in two months. I think it's helping with the manic side (or maybe that's just because of the depressive episode I'm in?) but I can't deal with these side effects. The Adderall works great for my ADHD but I think it's making me too edgy/irritable for my liking. On top of it I have been having terrible anxiety lately.
      I'm meeting with a new PMHNP next week and I like to research my med options ahead of time so that I feel more informed and can advocate for myself. I'm interested in Wellbutrin because it doesn't have weight gain associated with it, it helps with binge eating and supposedly helps you quit smoking (both current concerns of mine), and can work for both depression and ADHD. I'm also interested in Buspar as a possible anxiety med? I like that it also isn't associated with weight gain and that it isn't supposed to be sedating.

      I've also taken Abilify in the past (before I took Geodon) and didn't experience any terrible side effects other than it making me sleepy but maybe combined with the right thing that wouldn't be as much of an issue?
      Anyone have experience with this combo or a similar one? Any and all feedback appreciated! The med game is so overwhelming.
    • By BipolarBicyclist
      I made the prolonged mistake of not refilling my meds for about 3 weeks. Whoops! I'm on 20 mg of aripiprazole (Abilify) and 200 mg of lamotrigine (Lamictal), which I've been on for about 2 years in varying doses. So my friends finally took me to the pharmacist today to pick them up, but I want to make sure I'm safe about going back on. Should I slowly increase dosages? Or can I just start back on my normal amount ASAP? I would go to a psychiatrist to figure this out, but I there aren't any appointments for another 2 weeks.
    • By lisa2712
      I was prescribed Lamictal 150 mg for racing thoughts, generalized and social anxiety, and rapid speech. While on Lamictal 150 mg I got a routine blood test and my PCP (Primary care Physician) asked me if I was sick when I got the blood test, because I had a high White blood cell count, and had a high Lymph count. I told her no, but that I started a new med a few weeks ago (Lamictal 150 mg), and at times I felt kind of crappy on it, and that what I think was causing the increased white cell and lymph counts. A few weeks later she followed up with another blood test to make sure my WBC weren't increasing or changing, but they were staying at the same level. I'm 99% sure the increased WBC and Lymph counts are from Lamictal 150 mg, because the same thing happened with Lamictal 150 mg a few years ago. 
      So, I read online that anti-convulsants can cause increased white blood cell counts. I'm ok with this, because the Lamictal is helping me (On a side note- actually now I'm taking Lamictal 175 mg without my psychiatrist's knowledge or prescription, because I wanted to see if it would help me more than 150 mg, and it has- but she wanted me to go on Latuda 20 mg and to go down to Lamictal 100 mg.) But I wonder if having the high WBC is healthy. BTW, the highest my WBC count should be is under 10.8, and mine's 12.1, and the highest my Lymph count should be is 3.1, mine is 4.4 (On Lamictal 150 mg). 
      I'm just wondering if anyone else has had this happen to them on Lamictal or on another anti-convulsant/mood stabilizer, and is it ok or healthy to have this side effect. I will be sure to bring this up with my psychiatrist on our next meeting.
      Thank you in advance, 
    • By Sisterevila
      I was discharge from the Psych hospital on November 9th. While in the hospital they started me on lithium to manage the bipolar and also suicidal ideations. Since I have felt horrible my side effects:
      -internal restlessness (akathesia)- I take a bath 2-4x a day to help my body calm down.
      -weight gain
      -acne and skin going from very soft to rough
      -social anxiety
      -labile emotions (crying at everything to road rage when people drive like jerks)
      -inability to focus and work
      -sexual dysfunction (goes with the akathesia)
      -headaches and nausea when my levels are too high
      - I cant keep my levels in a normal range at 1200mg they are too low @ .6 and at 1500 mg they are too high @ 1.2
      After a month of trying really hard to be medication compliant and stay on lithium I begged my PDOC to switch me. She finally agreed today. I was hoping to get opinions on medications that have been the most effective at managing your Bipolar. If you have any info on lamictal I'd really appreciate it.
    • By Drjekyll
      I am diagnosed bipolar 2, OCD, GAD, and at one point ADHD although the psychs can’t decide if it’s true or not.
      my cocktail:
      wellbutrin xl 450 mg in morning
      lamictal 200mg at night
      lexapro 10mg morning for the GAD and OCD my OCD is the obsessive thoughts type.
      My issue being mainly that I lack motivation and am tired all the time as well very hungry and have gained weight but can’t find the hunger control to diet and can’t find the motivation to exercise.
      yes it’s terrible and could be affecting all of this but for years it’s the only way I can function half a pot or a whole pot of coffee in the morning and  occasionally a monster or two in the afternoon I practically live on caffeine.
      i sleep ok usually about 7-8 hours a night.
      luckily I have a job currently although I’m a serial job hopper.
      somehow I have a wife and daughter who put up with me. I’m on my 20’s
      im 6 foot tall and was originally 225 when I was exercising but after wife’s pregnancy and post partum and life of course I’m now 289.
      just trying to see if anyone has experienced similar cocktails because although I’ve been under treatment off and on since 15 I have honestly not tried many meds more so favoring trying different doses of the same med because I have enough of a hard time holding a job without the med game happening.
      i have tried seroquel which is a never again
      strattera which messed with blood pressure. Gabapentin which is absolutely not. Adderall which was obviously awesome but is likely bad for the bipolar. Abilify which made me feel mentally handicapped. Buspar which made me practically forget my own name. 
      Just found this place and basically looking for any experiences, thoughts etc.