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Breastfeeding & Medications

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General Medications

Dr. Thomas Hale's Breastfeeding Forum -Contributed by crh131

Excellent resource for looking up the most recent data about use of various medications during lactation. Faith has the 11th (2004) edition of his "Medications and Mother's Milk" so please feel free to post or PM any specific questions regarding his rating on a specific medication.

General Breastfeeding Information

La Leche League International

Good source of general information; questions about finding information for specific medications can be sent via online form to a LLL Leader or one can be contacted in your area.

Kellymom Breastfeeding and ParentingAnother good source of general breastfeeding information; includes some info on various medications but not the first place I'd check.

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Great to see Dr. Hale listed. Unfortunately most doctors are clueless when it comes to medication and Breastfeeding. I was fortunate to have found Dr. Hale's website while nursing my girls.

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