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Social anxiety and extremely tense & frozen facial muscles

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I know to most people this probably sounds, well, crazy... but I was wondering if anyone else who is very scared of all social situations experiences this? Or maybe it's more of an aspergers/autism, or a panic disorder thing?

Whenever I'm not alone, even just walking in a public place, my face feels frozen and expressionless.  I physically cannot smile or anything, it's like I'm too frightened to show any expression or something.  I feel things very hard, but I'm just too tense to smile.  It's like my face in encased in something -- I just cannot move it.  It annoys me so much that so many people think clinical social anxiety is this mild, laughable thing.  It's often very debilitating in and of itself.  As you can imagine, it makes socialising and not coming across as a massive weirdo really hard.


Just venting really, but I wonder if anyone can relate..?

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In the states we have the somewhat morbid expression 'a deer in headlights' to describe this feeling. It's when you are so overwhelmed that you can't move. So I think a lot of people know what you are talking about feeling unable to respond to stress.

I have the opposite problem where when im stressed in public I start making all sorts of random weird faces and talk to myself. I'm not sure which is worse!

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