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Everything is going to shit right now. I can’t cope with anything & I need to vent.

My cat is dying & will probably have to be euthinased next week.

I have to go back to uni in just over a week. I don’t know how the hell I’m suppose to cope with that. & we’re hitting the ground running with an intensive unit that’s over in 4 weeks.

I’m not sleeping. I’m so freakin tired.

I have to take my mum to the dentist. My mum is normally bed ridden so that’s going to be fun.. not. Involving wheelchairs & wheelchair taxi’s, I’m terrified of taxi’s & dentists. So much anxiety. It’s a very strained & stressful relationship on top of the difficult logicistics.

I have to pretend everything’s fine first thing in the morning because I have volunteering.

I’m starting new meds.

If it wasn’t for my cat & wanting to be there for her, I don’t know if I could keep going right now. I know this all probably seems ridiculous & superficial but I was already struggling to function before all this.

My anxiety is through the roof trying to do anything. & my depression takes over all other times.

I have no supports until Monday & I already feel like a huge burden.

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I'm sorry things are so tough right now. Sometimes if you just accept that the next month is going to suck, you can just try to get shit done. Things suck now, but they will get better.

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