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when people notice?

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What do you say when people notice or respond to various quirks that you have because of MI?

Mine doesn't scream MI related, but it is.  I drink a ton of water because of the lithium, which means that I have to go to the bathroom a lot.  Today, a coworker commented, "I feel like I'm always seeing you leaving and coming back."  It wasn't followed by a question (like are you okay/how busy with work are you/etc), so I just let it exist out in the universe as an observation.  But it didn't feel comfortable.  And yet there's no way I would have felt comfortable explaining, nor do I think it would have been appropriate to.  The minimal number of people at work who know about my MI is sufficient. 

So...has anything similar happened to anyone else?  How did you handle it?  I realize this isn't as complicated/challenging as the "so what do you do" when on disability (I hit that when I was on it). 

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