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Do I need a new therapist?

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I saw my tdoc for the first time in a long time but I've started to notice things about her that I hadn't before.... For instance, she said she'd get some paperwork and explain it to me, but she never did. And she focuses a LOT on my diagnosis rather than my symptoms. When I expressed that I was concerned that I had Borderline Personality Disorder, she shot that down without a blink but her only explanation was that "BPD is usually caused by abuse or neglect" which I know isn't exactly true, is it? Besides, I'm starting to wonder if I'm not repressing some past abuse/neglect myself, or maybe have not just processed it fully. It scares me and I don't know how she'd respond if I brought it up. She said, "You sound manic" or something and I did NOT sound manic I sounded confused and maybe quasi-psychotic and paranoid. 

i don't know. What are your red flags with tdocs? What would make you run in the opposite direction? 


edit:// Oh, I forgot to add, it doesn't feel like we get anything /done/, you know? Like we just talk. And she makes me feel better about my worries (not my paranoia tho, I spent the whole session believing that she could read my mind) but what's the point of therapy if we don't accomplish anything? -_-

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I think the first step is to raise your concerns directly with her - perhaps start with the stuff in your edit? I find it easiest to bring stuff like that in on paper and have my tdoc read it (while I fidget anxiously, stare at her shoes, and so on :P ).

Based on how she responds you’ll know, I think. I would expect her to ask questions about what you want to get from therapy, but hopefully she’ll also want to make changes or help you see how you’ve been progressing and stuff. Basically, you want her to be the opposite of defensive :) 

Sometimes my sessions feel like we don’t do anything- no deep work, no tears, and I feel worse or no better for them... but those are about strengthening the relationship. Can’t do it all the time though.

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