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Memes that make you go hmm 🤔

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1 hour ago, jt07 said:

Lol! I can't believe anyone didn't think of this before. Ha!

Oh gawd hilarious! 😂 

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47 minutes ago, Gearhead said:



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Memes that make you go... OBJECTION!

Smokey the Bear is a symbol of the USDA Forest Service (Department of Agriculture) and the NPS Arrowhead is an official symbol of the US National Park Service (Department of the Interior). Whoever cobbled up that meme attempted to cover his or her ass by renaming the bear "Wokey" - read the hat - but missed the belt, so its use is a double violation of federal regulations, for misusing an official federal agency symbol, and for altering said symbol. The person didn't even bother trying to change the NPS Arrowhead. I should know; I am something of an expert on the logo, as I used the damn thing almost daily for 24 years in my official government capacity before I retired, and that meme is definitely a violation of federal regulation. But worse that either of those, the fact that the person just assumed that he or she could speak out of the mouths of everyone in both of our agencies while clearly understanding nothing about us pisses me the fuck off, even if I happen to agree with the sentiment.

Gears, I have told you much of this already, so I can see a remote potential for having placed this just for the amusement of watching me go all Krakatoa...

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What a gem.....I just had to share it, especially today...

Trump and MLK.jpg

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