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Alternative to Lyrica as muscle rexalant?

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I’ve had big posture problems for 12 years with both upper/lower crossed syndrome resulting in very high stress/anxiety and severe depression. This was developed through heavy weightlifting bit by bit and the problems been massive. Tried so many meds during the years, all for treat the depression/anxiety but many of them have triggered the tension very short/stiff muscles by SSRI for example. It’s shown some year ago that I might have light bipolar disorder and that could explain why SSRI most of all triggered more nerv activity and therefore more tensions.

However I’ve been on Lyrica for about 1.5 years. Been on pretty low doses around 75-100mg/day. Gets a lots of sideeffects in higher doses. Since I don’t have pain as in burning nerve pain or similar, I wonder if there might be other medicines with lighter side effects for my purpose? My muscles relax some when on lyrica and my posture therefore gets better, especially the muscles in the lower back relax a little and the pelvis doesn’t gets so anterior tilted. The result is that I’m being able to rest little better and it lower some stress and I can at least take small walks without triggering the tensions.

Ive tried all rehab treatments you can think of. Lyrica made something better but wondering if there’s something more appropriate medicine. I tried Lamictal 2 years back and it really helped listen my mood but relaxed all nerves/muscles perfectly. Unfortunately I got a severe rash from it.


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