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tell me your disaster roommate stories

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hope you all had a lovely friday night! last night at 10:30 a roommate had three friends over that collectively vaped so much that the fire alarm went off. we all had to evacuate and wait outside for the fire department to come and turn off the alarm. i was fuming. i told him not have friends over if he couldn't be responsible enough to make sure shit like that doesn't happen, and he said, "oh, i wasn't with them, i was in my room, i didn't know it was happening." wtf!! if you're not going to BE with your friends, don't fucking invite them over! this isn't just your house.

he felt really bad and apologized to me. i basically just told him not to let it happen again. he's only 19, and it's his first time living away from home, so he's still learning shit. i get it. i still don't feel bad for yelling at him, though.

the kitchen was such a mess this morning, too... one of the girls always leaves dishes in the sink for days on the weekend. like, fucking stick it in your cupboard! nobody want to look at your dishes, or work around them.

this is all pretty standard fare for living in student housing, i know. it's my fourth year in residence, and i'm just tired of it. getting cranky. 

two weeks until i move back home. thank god for that.

any awful roommate stories? i'd love to hear them.

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Sounds pretty miserable.

My freshmen year roommate came from an overly controlling household. I understand, because I did also.  Her coping approach to being on her own with unlimited freedom was 24-7 partying, and I didn't really go to a party school, so this took some doing.  Some of the top moments include me lying in my top bunkbed while she and a random guy had sex in the bed below me (to be fair, I should have said something) and her peeing in the closet thinking it was the bathroom.  But there were others...

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@sbdivemaster holy shit, man. that's next level. i can see why you never lived with roommates again.

@dancesintherain god!! i'm lucky in that we get our own bedrooms in my dorm, but the walls are paper thin... in my second year the girl in the room next to me started seeing someone, and i had to listen to them having loud sex on the regular. not great.

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