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Effexor and Seroquel for anxiety and sleep?

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I'm not sure where to post this but just wondering what you guys think about this combination. I suffer from extreme anxiety, panic attacks, depression, and right now lack of sleep. The doctor prescribed Temazapam for sleep instead of klonopin and i was awake the ENTIRE night. My eyes felt tired, however my brain would not shut off and i couldn't fall asleep.  Last time we tried adding seroquel to Lexepro and the seroquel made me sleep! I will literally knock out at 12.5MG.  I still have it at home and am wondering if it's safe to take with Effexor. I'm desperate for sleep, and have left a message with my doctor, but who knows when she'll get back to me. Any thoughts? Even if i could take it for a night or two. Does anyone take this combination?  I just upped my effexor does to 225 6 days ago, so that could be the reason for insominia.

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If your Effexor dosage is high enough to hit the noradrenaline transporter and you are not yet adjusted to that it may cause insomnia.

Adding Seroquel to Effexor is common, as are other ssri/snri+antipsychotic combinations.

The being said, I wouldn't recommend taking an antipsychotic med without my pdoc's recommendation.

Other than that, is Effexor an effective antidepressant for you?

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Thanks guys! I heard back from my doctor. She said i could take half or one 25MG tablet. I took 12.5MG and knocked out for 10 hours. It was the BEST sleep ever. I don't think the effexor is working as it should. I see to be more anxious on the higher dose. It's only been a week, so I will give it some time. I also take 2MG of klonopin daily. I really need something that works for anxiety. 

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