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Navitus just sent me a letter saying "Happy New Year! Your brand-name Adderall will now cost you $400/month because we're assholes!" (I now have to pay the difference between brand-name and generic if I want brand-name.)

The problem is that I've tried generics and either they give me diarrhea and are barely absorbed (lactose-intolerant) and/or they release inconsistently and just generally work like shit (bad come-down, etc.).

Are there generics that people are generally happy with? My former doctor told me at some point that the molds had been licensed to someone so that the generics they made were very close to the original but he died of pancreatic cancer so I can't ask him.

I have to wait until June to switch insurance plans (thank god that's an option, at least at the moment . . . ) which is longer than what I have a stash for so I need to figure something out. Thanks so much for any info!

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I made a spreadsheet with a list of authorized generics for Adderall, which I'll include a link for from my Google Drive.

"According to the FDA, an authorized generic is the exact same as a brand-name drug. The only difference is that authorized generics do not include the brand name on their labels. As opposed to a generic drug (ANDA), which may have certain differences from the brand-name product, like inactive ingredients, an authorized generic drug is identical in both active and inactive ingredients to a brand-name drug. An authorized generic may be marketed by the original brand-name drug company, or it may provide another company permission to do so. In some cases, a company may choose to sell the authorized generic at a lower cost than its brand-name drug even though it is the same drug. (e.g., Greenstone Zoloft vs. sertraline or Greenstone Xanax vs. alprazolam) An authorized generic is marketed unter the brand-name drug's NDA. It is considered to be therapeutically equivalent to the brand-name drug because it is the same drug. This means it has the same clinical efficacy and safety profile." 

In the spreadsheet, I included the NDC (the national drug code, which you'll need when you go to the pharmacy and ask them to order from a specific manufacturer and specific strength) and the strength and manufacturer (and, just in case, the quantity) associated with the NDC (the quantity is mainly for the pharmacy tech and/or the pharmacist).

Unfortunately, the only authorized generics for Adderall were for Adderall XR; there were none for the instant-release Adderall. I did, however, include some brands that I trust for the Adderall IR, Mallinckrodt and Teva (I would lean more towards Mallinckrodt if they have the strength you need). I've personally never taken Mollinckrodt Adderall, but I've taken their Dexedrine, both IR and ER, and it works marvelously--better than any other manufacturer's Dexedrine I've ever tried... I've also taken their Metadate CD and it was the only methylphenidate I actually responded to (albeit very weakly).

If you're not on XR, you could ask your pharmacist about getting on XR, since it actually has authorized generics (which are exactly like brand-name). Then the pharmacy is more likely to be able to get one of the authorized generics ordered or maybe even has one in stock, and is less likely to be all like "I'm sorry, we can't order that, they're out of stock..." or "we're sorry, we can't get that brand..." etc. If you and/or your pdoc really want to keep [you] on the instant-release, the two I mentioned in the spreadsheet should be easily ordered (especially the Teva, but I'd really push for the Mallinckrodt...).

As for the diarrhea, I'm not so sure it could be a lactose intolerance issue as there are no lactose/milk inactive ingredients in the Adderall tablets. The inactive ingredients are:

  • Microcrystalline cellulose
  • Silicon dioxide
  • Povidone (PVP)
  • Stearic acid

Even if you do have diarrhea, depending on how soon after you take the medicine, I don't think it will affect the absorption of the Adderall. If it's occurring right after you take it, you have nothing to worry about, but if it's happening a couple of hours after taking it, I would guess that would be something to worry about.

PVP is known for causing anaphylactic reactions, but as for diarrhea, I'm not sure. Adderall does cause GI issues like diarrhea, constipation, and upset stomach for some people, but less so than methylphenidate (Ritalin). (Pdocs choose Adderall over Ritalin in children who have sensitive stomachs for this reason.)

Here's the link to the spreadsheet I made


If you try any of these generics and you still experience GI symptoms, you might try another amphetamine stimulant, like Dexedrine (which, personally, I like better than Adderall), Vyvanse, Evekeo (which went generic recently, apparently), etc.

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Yeah Teva was the first brand I ever took when I first started taking Adderall. They seemed decent, but I took one brand that I can't remember the name of, and it was waaaaay more potent than the Teva I was used to, and after that, Adderall was never the same for me...

I haven't taken Mallinckrodt (or SpecGx or whatever they're called now) Adderall before, but I've taken both their Dexedrine IR and ER and it's absolutely tops... far superior to any brand I've taken. I've also taken their Metadate CD (an extended release Ritalin product), and I actually felt something from it even at a low dose, where as before, I had never responded to Ritalin at any dose. Mallinckrodt Adderall isn't an authorized generic, but they're a pretty good company and I trust their products (at least their stimulants anyway...)

Avoid Barr at all costs... Their generics all seem crappy. Their Adderall, Dexedrine, Ritalin, Focalin, etc. My pdoc even doesn't like Barr products.

Authorized generics are the way to go, if your pharmacy will order them for you. An authorized generic is exactly the same as the brand name drug, but marketed without the brand name on the label. It can be marketed by the brand name drug company, or another company with permission from the brand company.

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    • By bizygal
      Hello everyone, I am female age 49, have been on Adderall for ADD 3+ years.  Starting at 5mg tabs twice daily and now at 10mg tabs twice daily.  Adderall has changed my world, the focus is incredible and it really helped with work as a magazine publisher.  I can no longer do my job because of severe arthritic symptoms.
      *I had a conversation with a college professor in the pediatric medical field, he stated that new evidence shows that Adderall can cause debilitating joint/muscle pain and damage, weakness, and maybe permanent damage in some patients.  Apparently, new study information was published in 2018 stating joint/muscle injuries and pain in children taking Adderall.  Can anyone help me find the study? 
      I want to know about your adult experience.  Is this happening to anyone else taking Adderall?
      My question is...  Should the company that makes Adderall be warning doctors 'not' to prescribe to people with pre-existing conditions???  Does anyone else out there have symptoms like I do???  Anyone else out there have arthritis before taking Adderall and have arthritic symptoms quickly become debilitating???
      My Symptoms:  Within the past two years, my arthritis symptoms have quickly changed from mild to severe and debilitating, to the point where twisting the cap to open a bottled water is unbearable.  Holding a fork while eating dinner is painful.  I fight through the pain while tying shoes, doing dishes, standing for more than 5 minutes etc...  Every joint is affected, shoulders are the newest pain that began about 9 months ago and now shoulders are so bad I need assistance putting on my winter coat.  If I must be active, for example vacuuming, doing dishes, wrapping presents and walking through the mall for 2 hours, all in the same day, the following 1-2 days I suffer with double the pain/inflamation and fatigue!  My hands, feet, hips, shoulders, neck/back and arms hurt, I drop and break baking dishes by accident because it is painful to grasp.  These are just a few examples of the issues.
      My History:  I was born with 'Stickler Syndrome', a genetic connective tissue disorder which causes early arthritis.  At age 32 I started feeling stiff, at 35 I started taking celebrex, and still take it.  At 47 and 48, I was doing great, walking 12 miles over 3 days on a trip to New York City.  Stiff yes, but not much pain.  This year my body has changed to that of a 105 year old or worse.
      An arthritis specialist did a battery of tests for all the common causes, rheumatoid, lupis, lyme and others.  All tests negative.  X-Rays show osteoarthritis in all joints.
      Please let me know if anyone else is experiencing this!
    • By sugjesstive
      hello, new here. i found the board by googling two of my meds interactions.
      went to my psych today and got a new med... read about two of my meds interaction and lowkey i'm terrified lol.
      list of all drugs/substances i take once a day, all in the morning:
      300mg bupropion qd
      400mg lamictal qd
      10mg generic zyrtec
      "women's" multivitamin
      5000mg biotin
      birth control pill
      as needed:
      30mg zenzedi OR adderall. i only take half at a time, and not every day, though i do most days
      5mg ambien (take ~5x a week)
      my depression has been terrible for the last year -- tbh since the election. dropped out of Uni fall semester last year and haven't been since. i have been lazy, 100000% unmotivated, reclusive, gained 30lbs in less than 2 years etc etc. i don't want to leave the house to see my friends and family because i am embarrassed about my weight gain (also because of the reclusiveness i mentioned). 
      after talking with my psych, she suggested adding 5mg Trintellix (Brintellix?). she mentioned that the most common side effects were nausea, diarrhea etc etc. she said that if it seemed to be helping i could lower my wellbutrin dose and perhaps stop taking it entirely (trintellix being its replacement). after leaving her office i did what any other millennial would do and googled the medication. there is a LOT of information about the possibility of serotonin syndrome being a side effect - i read somewhere 15%???? that seems low but like google it - it sounds terrifying. combining wellbutrin + trintellix has a "MAJOR" interaction per drugs.com, which states that the risks outweigh the benefits when combined. i immediately left my psych a message telling her basically what i said but less crazy (pfff lol) sounding. she called back and said that she's never seen that, it's very rare, she's met only one prescriber who reported it in a patient, and it's usually at higher doses. i feel a little better but still a bit nervous.
      not really sure what i'm expecting to get from this post but i'm so annoyed with taking a millions meds and i keep seeing deaths reported by combined meds, often including (not limited to) adderall and ambien. like i'm in my early 30s, i don't want to die in my sleep.... anyway, hi!
    • By inconsequinntial
      Psych Dx: treatment resistant depression (major + persistent), generalized anxiety, adhd
      Psych Rx: bupropion 450 qd, buspirone 15 bid, adderall 20 am 10pm, clonazepam .5 prn
      Other Dx: celiac, gerd, vulvodynia/vulvar vestibulitis, oab, seasonal allergies, idiopathic chronic nausea, neuropathy, myalgia, & arthralgia
      Other Rx: myrbetriq 50 qd, pantoprozole 20 bid, topical estrogen qd, topical clobetasol prn, topical lidocaine prn
      OTC:  mucinex 12-hour bid, vitamin D3 qd, fish oil qd, probiotic qd, zyrtec qd, nasacort qd, saline spray bid, melatonin prn
      Previous Psych Rx: seroquel, depakote, lamictal, remeron, trazadone, lithium, ambien, sonata, zyprexa, lexapro, prozac, temazepan, xanax, rozerem
      So I've clearly been on a lot of meds over the years (since first being put on seroquel in early 2013) partially because I was initially misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder. I've been on my current cocktail for quite awhile, and I had been doing pretty well with my depression but it's gotten significantly worse lately due to some life events + unyielding chronic pain that has been getting worse for the last two years.
      For the neuropathy I tried gabapentin for several months and it did absolutely nothing. I've been suggested Lyrica (which even with my good insurance is still $100 a month or $200 for 3 months with a mail order pharmacy which is a lot more than I can reasonably afford) and Cymbalta.
      Does anyone with depression and/or neuropathy have any experience with taking Cymbalta and Wellbutrin together? The two SSRIs I've taken (lexapro & prozac) in the past both gave me severe gastrointestinal side effects and I wasn't able to stay on them long enough to see if they even helped. It would be great to have a cheap, generic drug improve my nerve pain and depression, but I'm nervous about trying another SSRI.
      I'm also fairly uncomfortable with the idea of going off bupropion, bc it's been pretty damn  effective if not adequately so. Because when I wasn't on bupropion I was a MESS and I'm afraid of going back to that level of depressed.
      Also curious if anyone has any success with using any med, Cymbalta or otherwise, as an adjunct treatment for depression?
      I have recently gotten back to therapy so I'm hoping that will help some but it's hard to follow through on anything from my therapist (or from my physical therapists, doing anything besides going to work & sleeping) bc of executive dysfunction, constant fatigue, pretty severe anhedonia, general feeling of emptiness.
    • By rjvfl
      Hello, all. I'm new to this site. I've been working with a pdoc for the past 3 to 4 years and, more recently, a therapist, due to what I personally classify as treatment resistant MDD. I'm in my mid-forties. Throughout this time, my pdoc has tried multiple "cocktail" combinations of medications. Some combinations work for a while, but it's difficult to become excited when I'm in a good period because I know the bottom can, and likely will, drop out from under my feet again. I'm curious whether anyone has had any success with a similar pharmaceutical lineup like mine. I'm also hoping someone might have tips on outrunning the black dog for longer than a few months at a time. I trust my pdoc, but I'm wondering if I should get a second opinion. Unfortunately, I live in an area where there are not many pdocs from which to choose.
      Some things to know:
      I have sleep apnea. For most of my adult life, I've fought drowsiness during the day no matter how much sleep I get. I've had multiple CPAP titrations, but they never seem to do much for the daytime sleepiness. About 3 years ago, I was diagnosed with ADD. Current medicinal lineup:
      Adderall (15 mg x 2 per day) Lamictal (75 mg x 2 per day) Xanax (0.5 mg x 3 per day) Buspar (15 mg x 4 per day) Trintellix (20 mg x 1 per day) Made me nauseated when I took it during the day, so my pdoc had me start taking it at bedtime, which made all the difference. Starting today, replacing Latuda with Vraylar (1.5 mg x 1 per day) Previously tried the following:
      Paxil (40 mg x 1 per day) I started this for social anxiety nearly 20 years ago and was taken off of it around 6 months ago. Going off of this after so long was a terrible experience, but those effects have subsided. Prozac Wellbutrin (150 mg x 1 per day) Latuda (20 mg x 1 per day) Seroquel (25 mg x 1 per day) Slept like a baby on this, but it made the daytime drowsiness worse. Rexulti Experienced akathisia with this one. Abilify Also experienced akathisia on this. Viibryd Had stomach cramps I'm also using the following supplements:
      Omega-3 Vitamin D Vitamin B6, Magnesium, Zinc capsule Ashwaganda/Rhodiola
    • By TakeAChillPill
      Does anyone else find that the days you take your stimulant, you sleep like baby at night and wake up refreshed?  
      I do!
      I'm so happy that I am finally getting restful and conistent sleep with the help of Adderall.
      I take 10mg IR once in the morning and sometimes I take a second dose around lunch or dinner.  
      I was reading good article abut it.  Let me get the link.  It's from Tuck.com.  If it's accurate information, it seems very informative.