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Don't know how to study after gaslighting

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I was in an abusive relationship for two years and a half, he stalked me for six months after that. The whole thing was horrible from the start, those three years seem like a fuzzy nightmare. I've been recovering since last year, I took a year off.

Now I'm retaking the same classes. I remember some subjects, those of before 2016. From others I don't recall a thing, even though when I look through my notes there are things highlighted and everything.

And I don't know how to study. Looking through my notes I realize I made driagams and I was able to simplify the texts, but now I can't. I just...copy the whole damn thing, and that's too much. Maybe if I studied something scientific it'd be easier to do it like that, but I can't study literature that way. I can't seem to be able to retain the information like I did before.

Does anybody have any tips? 

Sorry for my English.

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Are there any study groups you can join? If you start by studying in a group, you can learn techniques that you can use when you study alone.

Does your university have an introduction to university life where they give tips on how to study?

Can you deduce any study methods by looking over your earlier notes? I mean, not looking for content but looking for how the notes were constructed?

Finally, as a variation on the group study, I would recommend making a friend in class and study together. That way it's just you two and you can pick up on study techniques.

That's all I have at the moment. Hope this helps somewhat.

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