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I have been diagnosed with Dissocial Personality disorder about two years ago. I cant find much on internet about it. Is it the same as the dissociative personality disorder or different? help me find out about this disorder. I also have borderline personality disorder and addiction to multiple drugs

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My diagnosis is that you must have a very shit shrink to leave you so confused about what they've diagnosed you with. Dissocial does seem to be the same as anti-social, as echolocation said. "Dissocial personality disorder is one of ten personality disorders defined in the ICD-10 classification system. It is called antisocial personality disorder in the DSM-IV and DSM-5 classification systems and is still sometimes referred to as such by professionals in the UK." No-one really talks about the ICD-10 when it comes to mental health, and I've never heard it called dissocial.

Dissociative personality disorder is having multiple personalities - what people commonly, though wrongly, associate with schizophrenia. Being asocial is often confused with being anti-social though they're completely different things. Asocial=loner while antisocial=well... being a dick, basically. But I'm far from convinced that you're antisocial because I wouldn't trust a shrink who'd leave you hanging without a fucking clue what they're talking about. Borderline and antisocial? There's always some overlap between personality disorders but antisocial and borderline are pretty different aren't they?

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    • By wookie
      I have a brother who is unofficially labelled a sociopath.
      Growing up I heard the term bantered about amongst family when describing his behavior and unremorseful actions towards others.
      Some of those behaviors include:
      Repeated violence towards women.  He has been accused of uttering death threats, stalking, and assaulting his partners and has served a couple of brief sentences. 
      I was his target practice growing up.  I experienced many forms of abuse and my mother (who has another form of crazy perhaps) enabled his behavior because I was "crazy."  I was totally afraid he might kill me.  My mom was a selfish bitch and likely still is to this day. Their behavior left a few scars on my psyche.
      Conning/Manipulative behavior 
      Running scams
      Criminal activity/break ins/petty crime to grand larceny 
      He is now almost 49 and I haven't spoken to him in 12 years.  He has children with different women and is now married.  Do sociopaths soften with age? He used to beat and threaten to kill me.  My family refuses to acknowledge that he poses safety risk to others. At best I think he will still try to dupe me.  There are some especially fucked up family dynamics that help attribute to his behavior too.
      I've started talking to some family but feel I need some more people to back me up before I start to open up more.  Should I be this uptight about him?
    • By The Hitcher
      Well I'm not sure if I'll get much response to this, but I'm going to try anyway.
      Over the past few months I've been finding it increasingly harder to not act out on my violent urges. I've not been too bad when I've been alone or with my partner/housemates, but as soon as I go out in public I can feel my levels of aggression rising and I just want to lash out. I had been training full contact martial arts, which had been keeping me relatively sated, but after I had to apply for fight insurance, my diagnoses were discovered and I was stopped from sparring/fighting. Hitting a punchbag just doesn't have the same effect on me.
      I've come to the realisation that I don't want to be arrested again, I don't want to spend any more time "inside". But I find that consequence is quickly losing ground to irrationality. I've been trying to find a new coping mechanism, but I'm as yet to discover anything that works other than having my partner with me in public, and I don't want her in a potential firing line (from retaliation, not from myself). She is fully aware of my past troubles with criminality and also knows about my Schizoaffective, but not my AsPD diagnosis. 
      There is some talk in the psychiatric community regarding the symptoms of AsPD lessening in the late 30's or 40's. I've only got a couple of years to go to for that and it would be good to stay out of trouble until then. I know that the symptoms might stay as they are, but it gives me something to aim for.
      Anyway, I'm really just wanting to hear any ideas for coping strategies from people. You don't have to have AsPD, just tell me if something worked for you in a similar situation. General questioning about my disorder is also acceptable.