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When I read about dissociative disordes or trauma I go back in time and relive events.

i used to have to fill out questionnaires for my insurance.  One question was, do you think there is something wrong with your mind.?  I would rate that the highest.

i don't know who I am.  A tdoc said ddnos (osdd?) with fragments. They have been silent for a long time and i am not sure what matters.

i like my tdoc.  The only thing is, she does not ask many questions and I don't usually bring up the heavy stuff except when it is bubbling over.  I did recently talk about my childhood and she validated my experience.  I am so used to it being glossed over. She knows about the dissociative disorder and is ooen minded, but nothing has presented.

i feel like i need to be fixed and I don't know how..  I found a tdoc who has more experience with trauma and dissociative disorders who takes my insurance and is closer to me. I sent an email, but i don't knkw what i want.

shoukd i just let the whole thing rest.?  Do you think my tdoc could help me decide what to do? I am actually doing pretty well overall, except when i get triggered and i fall apart.


Edit:  i heard back from the tdoc I emailed.  She had some thoughts and recommended a book.  Has anyone read it?



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I have that book - I liked it a lot. I have OSDD with parts. 

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