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    Questions Thread

    No, never. Do you like old black-and-white movies or does the acting somehow just feel not real to you.
  3. Thanks, DJ and Harp, for the birthday wishes. Feeling tired and anxious at the same time. Hot and sweltering. I just need a break from this heat.
  4. jt07

    whatever the weather

    DJ, I'm glad you have a decent AC that works. It's so important. I don't have AC and just swelter in front of a fan. (But last year I bought a monster fan muh ha ha ha). Hot and humid again today here. Looks like there won't be any decent relief until middle to end of the week.
  5. ECT is the only thing I can think of in an instance like this, but I imagine you've already tried it.
  6. I'm not sure that it is known to work or whether I'm just odd, but Tegretol (carbamazepine) took away all my serious suicidal ideations. I will caution that some people find that Tegretol aggravates depression, but in my case it was the opposite. It was like Tegretol provided a missing piece in my brain. As always, YMMV.
  7. I'm not actually in a state where I'd take my life but I go through episodes daily where I feel worthless and am so tired of suffering and I get suicidal thoughts. I've read that lithium and clozapine are suppose to be the best meds for suicidality but I still get breakthrough symptoms. So is there anything else I can do? Thanks in advance.
  8. Makes sense. Pharmacokinetic interaction... Latuda is faaar less likely to induce hyperprolactinemia than ricsperidone. Brest cancer, according to my pdoc, can be a complication of severely elevated prolactin levels.
  9. Today
  10. Thanks everyone. I tried to get my pdoc to prescribe Metadate CD, but she is apparently done prescribing stimulants for me. I'll have to go through my NP, who has to go through my doc, who is opposed to prescribing those meds when I have a pdoc. But I worry if I tell them my pdoc won't prescribe them that it will come across that I do something weird with them like abuse them or sell them. My pdoc added pindolol 5 mg for depression (in lieu of propranolol) and added Seroquel 25 mg for sleep. She also switched my benzo from Tranxene to regular doses of Xanax.
  11. Yesterday
  12. Update, saw pdoc th. He mentioned most of the options here. I told him I don’t want anything sedating, so he bumped up my abilify. I am doing okay. a director at my work, not my boss, has been helping me get approval to do my job. She said I do so much they should remove obstacles. It made me feel good and I am glad. I had things sitting in the back burner needing someone to take care of them, because I was not allowed, I am still anxious, but it helped.
  13. Night is always very hard after being lonely all day. 

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    2. DammitJanet


      Stop it. Of course it helps. You helped by saying anything. 🤗 hug

      thank you

    3. jt07


      Sorry, DJ. I hope you can make it through the night and feel better tomorrow.

    4. DammitJanet


      Thank you jt. I hope you feel better soon too. 

  14. I try to. As they say, "We are our own worst critics." Easier said than done though. Not sure what it would look like in therapy
  15. Thanks for the encouragement, echolocation! Good advice, too! My sleep hygiene is pretty good these days. No tv or computers. Dark room. Try to go to bed at the same time every night. I can fall asleep, but wake up after two hours, every night. It has only dawned on me the last couple of days that it is nausea that is waking me up every night. Upper abdominal pain burning through to my back. I found out that my liver enzymes are elevated. Hubby thinks I have an ulcer. Once I am awake, and after I've heaved a bit, I eat something and then I can't get back to sleep. The anxiety sets in because I'm not sleeping. And around it goes... Spot on about the therapist. I need to see one asap. The one thing I've learned through this has been to ask for help. I have a good support system already, but it really helps to have found this group, too. I do appreciate your confidence that I can make it until June 4th. I'm so afraid of going in-patient! Was starting to have weird hypomanic symptoms- hypersexuality, sense of unreality. I don't know if I should stay the course with the antidepressant. I keep skipping doses, and screwing myself up more.... Anyway, thanks for the help!!
  16. Maybe you should have a really open talk with him before never going back. Also, maybe 2.5 was just the starting dose and he was planning to gradually raise it
  17. Thank you, thank you for reaching out! I appreciate it so much! Had a weird reaction to seroquel and ambien, but there looks like there are a lot more options than I thought!
  18. FWIW, Trying most SSRIs and all SNRIs, I'm back on Sertraline and I would choose that over Venlafaxine if anxiety is the main issue. It is more on the calming end.
  19. The theory at my school was yes that you’d have to work in groups on a job, and also part of the education theory was that group work enhances learning. We had a huge assignment where we divided it into individual sections but got a group grade and had to therefore help critique and edit everyone’s work towards the final project. That was a pretty good group but every group has problems. No slackers in that group anyway. I only partially see the point of it.
  20. That’s encouraging. I used to have similar issues and went through all kinds of diet changes. Eventually things seemed to improve and now I’m usually ok unless I get all sugared up. If you found a plan that works, go with it. Sounds like you found the right approach.
  21. I’m tending to agree with restarting dexedrine and regroup. Then you can make a plan. At least for me, if depression gets too bad, I can’t think well enough to plan any more. But maybe there’s another out, I tend to think go with whatever worked and then figure a plan when you’re in a better place. FWIW.
  22. Belated happy birthday, jt. I’m sorry it wasn’t the best. I hope the year improves for you.
  23. Thanks 😊 I'm trying to note every little win (regardless how small) and try to integrate more gratitude also, which is tough during the low streaks.
  24. I was happy to hear that you were feeling better and calm earlier! Sorry the loneliness is hitting you now 😞 Happy to say today has been OK. I took a lot of measures to focus on self-care, did low-stress errands, managed to cook. Finished notes on my DBT skills card (initially I thought was dumb, but maybe it'll help me see progress) Was really lethargic but let myself take a nap. My gratitude for the day was that I took a big jar of heavy coins to a coinstar machine and got about $45 in cash! (I pretended I won the lottery)
  25. Might be d3 antagonism https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3748034/#S12title risperidone has a pretty high affinity for it.
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