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  1. Whenever a mass shooting happens, I get paranoid thoughts that people with severe MI are going to get rounded up and incarcerated for a very long time.
  2. I wish I knew the answer because I'm having the same problem. All I can counsel from it getting worst is take a mild/medium dose of clozapine and augment it with an antipsychotic that is better on weight.
  3. For me, as distressing as the thought is, I can at some level recognize that it is my OCD (even when going through the compulsion). When my OCD flares, aside from feeling anxious, I feel shame and like an idiot for giving into my OCD. Psychosis, on the other hand, I usually find I lack insight and its only a medication change or ER/hospital visit that can reverse this state. As far as treatment for OCD goes, I found only CBT and exposure therapy work. None of the ADs including clomipramine.
  4. taking night time meds hours before sleeping and a stimulant are what has worked for me but sometimes I wake up so tired I just want to sleep all day
  5. Does anyone have experience with 4 mg of Rexulti? What did it help with and any side effects? My pdoc gave me this as an option but the medication is new to her too and doesn't know how I'll react. Thanks for any input.
  6. RIP jt07...words can't express the sorrow I feel upon hearing this news
  7. Because everyone has a different reaction to Zyprexa. Just pay attention to what it is doing for your, which is positive.
  8. Fuck I'm loosing it again. I thought I was more or less stable but what must go up must go down. I believe I'm in a mixed state. I am having lots of suicide ideation but fuck I don't want to tell anyone because I'll have to go to the shitty hospital and things could get worst not better. I increased clozapine to 500mg two days ago but no results yet. Watching Game of the Thrones is the only anchor in reality I have now. Though it makes me feel that I too have magical powers. Chain smoking too and that's bad because my pdoc says smoking interferes with clozapine working. Yet smoking is one of the only things to calm me. I know it kills but fuck it, I don't want to live to old age with schizo.
  9. Hi Cheese, I just wanted to say that my experience with rexulti was way different from abilify. I've gotten no side effects and it seems like cleaner and more predictable than abilify. So far I'm taking it for mood (2mg) and for schizo the amount is 4mg. If my clozapine increase doesn't work, my pdoc is trying that. Haldol is nasty, no doubt about it BUT it is an excellent emergency drug so I think its a good idea so long as you don't take it regularly. My local ER always uses haldol for patients that are super psychotic or manic.
  10. Exposure therapy (which can also be used in Pure O) worked best for me. I am very lucky that I found a therapist that specializes in OCD and that my HMO has a month long OCD group class, which I've done twice. Mindfulness can help too.
  11. It didn't help with my OCD directly but since it helps with my mood and depression it can help me better deal with OCD. I personally find therapy, and not medication, to be the better way to treat my OCD.
  12. I find every time I increase clozapine, it takes a week or two to feel results. It doesn't provide instant relief like the other APs. It has been about three years until I got to 400mg and the next time I see my pdoc I want to ask for an increase. I forgot cheese, did you ever try rexulti? I don't think it is good for psychosis but it has helped me with mood and depression.
  13. Lunesta did nothing for me as well but it may work for you. Since I've taken rexulti I've had great sleep, I feel refreshed in the morning and don't need to take a nap during the day. Maybe consider increasing if you are still symptomatic.
  14. I attend a bipolar support group every week and we just all check in and say how things are going and if we need any help. I also attend an OCD therapy group and its more like a class. The facilitator discusses how OCD manifests itself and discusses tactics for overcoming and doing exposures everyweek. I think that is the difference between the two.
  15. Just curious if you are also getting individual/group therapy for your OCD? I ask because I've tried like 90% of psych meds at this point and none have helped my OCD. Both my tdoc and pdoc say therapy is the gold standard in treating OCD. I've been attending group therapy for a year and I do see improvement. Just wanted to share my experience.
  16. Everyone's different. I for instance get more depressed in the evening. You might not like to hear it but benzos can cause depression when used a lot. Make sure you only take it when needed. I remember I was on a high dosage of valium and was depressed and a pdoc said benzos can cause depression when used heavily. Of course everyone is different and has different needs so maybe that's not the source of your depression. What do you do in the morning besides eating and taking meds? Maybe if you added something to your routine that is relaxing and that will distract you like reading a book or taking a walk. I find ,outside of my meds, keep busy is the best way to treat depression.
  17. I'd go with increasing Latuda to 120mg. Latuda can help with bipolar depression too. I forget what the highest dose is for effexor but if you can increase it you should.
  18. If you are experiencing anxiety you might want to consider increasing your clozapine. Clozapine is usually sedative. I don't know if clozapine can cause akeathesia because that could also be an issue. You could take something like cogentin.
  19. I too have a weight gain issue (from clozapine) but sadly I've taken adderall, ritalin, and dexedrine since and I did not loose any weight while on them.
  20. No I haven't tried ECT before. It frightens me too much. I'd like to believe that with some creativity, the pdoc can come up with a cocktail that works for my symptoms. I thought about asking for an increase in clozapine. Increase in rexulti sadly made me feel like a sedated zombie. I'm .8 on lithium and have never increased past that so I don't know if something like 1.0 might work? For a long time, I've also thought about trying depakote again. I was given it in a hospitalization and it knocked me out and I slept the whole time I was there but it was very calming. Scared to also but thought about asking pdoc if she does MAOIs.
  21. I'm not actually in a state where I'd take my life but I go through episodes daily where I feel worthless and am so tired of suffering and I get suicidal thoughts. I've read that lithium and clozapine are suppose to be the best meds for suicidality but I still get breakthrough symptoms. So is there anything else I can do? Thanks in advance.
  22. While I was on Zyprexa, I had no issues with high blood sugar or weight...good luck
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