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  1. (coming up for air).... WHOOSH!

  2. One time I told my tdoc that I didn't want to die, I was just tired of living. It got the point across. I feel that way a lot of the time.
  3. I'm on a low dose (8 mg twice daily) of Fanapt and it's helped my cognitive capabilities significantly.
  4. Maddy

    To the mods...

    I'm checking in after about a four month disappearance.
  5. I had trouble at low doses but once I got up to 200 mg I was fine. I'm up to 400 mg per day now.
  6. underneath the persons avatar click on the letter. or when you go to the persons profile page click on the link "send me a messege" under the profile picture.
  7. It never made me sleepy. Granted, it didn't work for me either. But it didn't make me sleepy.
  8. I <3 reeses peanut butter eggs! More candy for all!
  9. Sometimes you can find a mental health helpline for your area where you can tell them that you feel unsafe (suicidal, homicidal, etc.) and that you feel the need for hospital. Sometimes they can get you a ride to the closest hospital with an open bed.
  10. Depressed as fuck.

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