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  1. Funny thing... ... it looks like I don't have ADHD after all. The expensive psychologist together with the MRI scans said I have an atrophy of hippocampus, and not ADHD. And stimulants don't work too well for me either (apart from making me less tired and more social). So... engineers back to work
  2. A decent job rules. It's a great source of good self-esteem for me.
  3. You may ask your doctor what he thinks about giving you donepezil (Aricept) or galantamine (Reminyl). Those are anti-Alzheimer's meds, and at least donepezil helped some autistics with symptoms of ADHD, and galantamine works more or less the same on the brain, so it may have similar effect. Note that it's not a well-checked, proven therapy so it may or may not work, and your doctor may refuse to prescribe an anti-Alzheimer's med to a person without Alzheimer's. Anyway, it's a treatment of last resort if stimulants aren't an option. At least those aren't potential party drugs and they aren't Schedule II.
  4. I wouldn't be so sure about that. Risperdal can treat affective symptoms in schizophrenia, so it might also treat depression alone. In most cases using Risperdal would be an overkill, but who knows? Anyway, it's not enough to call the doc a fucking idiot. No, it's anticholinergic and antihistamine.
  5. Gabapentin is primarily a blocker of P/Q-type calcium channel which binds to alpha2delta subunits. It doesn't bind to GABA receptor types GABAA and GABAB.. Regardless of what it actually means. It's not "GABA in a pill", contrary to what Jerod wrote on crazymeds.us, because it doesn't bind to GABA receptors.
  6. Well, just try to see if your ADD gets better. Anyway, the doses for ADD are really tiny tiny, 37,5-75 mg a day! If it doesn't work for me and/or I will keep puking, the stimulants are always there to try! :-) (I somehow succeeded at restraining myself from abusing pseudoephedrine or my step-son's Concerta to treat my own ADHD, so I guess I'm safe, I also don't have a history of running meth labs ). It seems to be a pet peeve of VElvis - you titrate up, but taper down. I hope Effexor withdrawal is only a problem when you also have discontinuation syndrome from SSRI's. I don't have that, so I hope I'm safe. I wondered why you aren't on chat anymore?
  7. Oppsss... I just puked it out, but venlafaxine may not be the sole offender - I ate a lot of sugary stuff today (like a whole box of chocolate-coated jelly... yum) and also a peripherial opiate agonist for my possible IBS. We'll see. All successful trials on PubMed used a low dose. Sounds impossible (as it works as SSRI in low doses), but not really, as it may be an agonist or antagonist of some additional unknown receptors, or block some ion channels, or whatever. Reuptake inhibition may not be a full picture. I'll give a report on if it works soon, unless I'll keep puking.
  8. I just got prescribed 75 mg/day (37,5 mg two times a day) venlafaxine to fight my ADHD. Clinical studies say it's pretty effective, but did anyone here actually used it?
  9. Sorry, but wtf is "psychogenic multiple sclerosis"? Sounds like serious BS...
  10. Concerta/Ritalin is more reliable, and not "scary" at all if you take it at prescribed doses. Non-stimulant options are there when you REALLY can't take stimulants, and many people have no effects from them. Otherwise, in most cases stimulants just work better.
  11. Negative cognitive bias is typical for depression, but linking that to just overconsolidation of specific memories seems far-fetched (although the phenomenon definitely exists). In fact, depression and memory loss are often co-occuring.
  12. Hyperactivity isn't required for ADHD diagnosis. Troubles with organization, chronically being late and this kind of stuff are definitely smelling like ADHD. And Adderall will surely help. It does in most cases. Oops. That's sad. That's a common phenomenon. Experimenting with pot is common in ADHD (I didn't do that myself, though). But pot itself can cause ADHD symptoms for up to several days(!) after smoking. So it can make ADHD worse (not that I accuse him of using pot now, but it's something he should know if he's going to experiment more - it will make things worse, at least temporarily). Adderall+pot is stupid, too. Somewhere between mixing fire and water, and fire and gasoline Hope things will get better on Adderall. It's a very helpful drug, and the diagnosis of ADHD seems to be bulletproof given everything you wrote. Tell us how your son reacts to the medication, we need both success stories and horror stories. My step-son is on Concerta (another ADHD drug) since two days ago, and it has definitely made a difference. So these drugs can actually help EDIT: edited because of stupid grammar mistakes and excess smileys.
  13. He could. If he's very intelligent, his ADHD might have been undiagnosed, because smart people are much more likely to find good coping strategies and compensate for lack of concentration using their intelligence. The love/hate attitude to school subjects sounds definitely ADHDish. ADHD is often genetic, so even if your family has no history of a true mental illness, either you or his father may have ADHD too. If that's the case, well, diagnosis of ADHD is even more reliable. I'm an undiagnosed ADHDer, and I'm sure my father is too. I didn't try to scare you with brain tumours, just wanted you to ensure that your son is really diagnosed, not just "Poor attention? He must have ADHD". Onset of ADHD at age 15 is very fishy, but many people are ADHD for all their life, but get diagnosed at, like, 60 years old (and discover new, nice life ), and that may be true about your son.
  14. You can't get ADHD as a teenager. If he's 15 and just got ADHD, he may have something else, like bipolar or (God forbid) schizophrenia. Or temporal epilepsy. Or something else. EDIT: that doesn't mean Adderall won't help him. Adderall helps with focus in general, it works much better for people with ADHD than for general public, but people with some memory and attention disorders (like temporal epilepsy) may also benefit from ADHD medications. Also, you may get the guy checked for things like brain tumor if he has horrible headaches or something like that. Focal brain damage can mimic countless diseases. If your doctor didn't do a proper differential diagnosis (exclusion of other causes for inattention), shame on him!
  15. You need to be careful about sleep deprivation if you have bipolar or epilepsy. It doesn't work quite well in those situations - in fact, it can make bipolar and epilepsy worse (or much worse). It puts your precious neurons at risk.
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