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  1. I would say all but number 4. The delusions are more prominent than hallucinations. The speech gets bad first, before the other things come into play, and it's the last symptom to leave.
  2. This ^^^. I'm not sure I would trust them to get it right. As it is, I have to go to the pharmacy a few times a week to pick up/drop off the family's meds, and there is sometimes a wait and they have to order things. The blister pack thing would take hours., and probably a hefty fee.
  3. Does your doctor have someone covering for them? They usually do. You might be able to get them to increase your dose, officially and make sure you have enough to make it to the next appt.
  4. It doesn't 100% describe me, but it's not bad.
  5. ^^^^^ That. I don't see it as a problem, it's a normal function. I mean, if it's so bad that you can't leave the house that is a problem. I don't think doing it once a day is a big deal. But that is my opinion. Sometimes I wish my husband would do it so he doesn't bug me quite so much.
  6. Energy level right now...just barely able to get things done. I would call it 3. 5 being normal and 10 being manic. I guess I manage because of the responsibilties I have. Job, kids, house, appointments. If I didn't do any of those things we would have a serious problem. I do my job so I don't get written up at work. I love my kids and we need somewhere to live so there's that...then the appointments. Pdoc for 3 of us, orthopedic, dentist, physicals, etc. I totally forgot my son's therapy appointment last week and the therapist didn't call me to say hey you missed the appt...so now I am afraid he's mad. In general, I do what I can do, when I am able to do it. I go through a bad patch where we eat nothing but pizza and chicken nuggets or pasta, I don't clean, I'm currently 2 months behind on paperwork at work. I have to take courses online for a degree that I otherwise wouldn't have touched with a ten foot pole, I just force myself when I have enough motivation to open the book and log on. Cleaning is hard. There is so much that it is defeating to look at it. Then my mood flips and I am running up stairs, no problem, cleaning, have a personality and laughing a little too loudly, etc.
  7. I am on it to help with mania and mood swings in general. I was taking Abilify with my other meds for depressive symptoms but went manic so he put me on Seroquel and it knocked me down a few pegs. I like it. I gained weight, but I have always been overweight so I don't know how much was the Seroquel. I'm not hungry all of the time. It makes me sleepy/fuzzy, but I take it at night so sleepy is a good thing when I am wired and can't sleep.
  8. I rock when I am depressed or manic. When depressed it is calming, and when I am manic it is because I can't stop moving.
  9. My grandfather has/had depression/SAD. My mom has depression/anxiety. My sister has anxiety. My dad is an alcoholic with clear mood swings and I think he is Bipolar but he won't see a dr. His brother was an alcoholic too. That is all I know about his family, mental health history-wise
  10. Yep, me too. It is almost possible to bring myself to the point where I can get the mail and make phone calls.
  11. I have Klonopin for that reason. I can take anywhere from .50 to 1 mg and it knocks me down a peg or two. It wasn't offered to me, but when I asked (for anything, not specifically Klonopin), my pdoc said sure. It helps me to use that energy to find projects around the house to do. Trying to sit and calm down just makes the racing brain worse when I eventually get up.
  12. wj74


    I feel your pain. I usually am happy if I go 3 or 4 days a week. It doesn't happen for me like normal people. I do notice if I drink a lot of lemonade or hot chocolate that it helps?? I have tried laxatives, softeners, fiber (does nothing but frustrate me). The only thing that helps is coffee in the am and lots of water all day and night. Loads of lemonade helps sometimes. But it is short-lived.
  13. Me too! You have a lot less to go than me, I just started in January. Good luck with the rest of your semester. I agree though, that if you need IP, then go. Your health is more important.
  14. Yeah, especially if I am mixed I can sleep longer than I would without the Seroquel. Plain old mania makes me sleep less, but it's never less than 4 hours. I am on 600 Mg. Seroquel at night.
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