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  1. This was what I needed to hear, thank you all. I'm getting better at standing up for myself, but it's still something I'm working on. I get caught in dumb loops of worrying that I'm being "too difficult" or "too negative," even when I know that I'm not being unreasonable. This is one of those things. I know it's not unreasonable, but at the same time, I'm also aware that part of this problem is my own overly permissive behavior. It's not that she's being deliberately disrespectful of me, but I tend to err on the side of being overly obliging, and she, enthusiastic and unintentionally self-absorbed, will run people over if she's not checked. Establishing a boundary will result in some hurt feelings, and I may get some snide remarks, but all that rolls off my back for the most part. She tends to respond to any kind of correction with hostility, but if I give her some space, she'll back down. She's just defensive. The ideas for creating conversation limits are helpful, thank you. Setting a time limit ahead of time is great idea, and is probably the strategy I'll adopt. I'm also considering taking one day a week "off" from electronic communications of all types. I've done things like that in the past, and it's good for my creativity, too. I guess I just needed the feedback, and I appreciate y'all obliging me. And Melissa, never worry about long answers. Haha, I'm hopelessly long-winded, myself. I don't mind it in the least, especially when it's good advice.
  2. Thanks, both of you. I really appreciate the advice. I have a problem with empathy, generally, you see. I don't do friendly without some effort. So this is especially appreciated. I generally try to be honest with my contacts, but... some things are harder to be... totally trustworthy about. Perhaps that is paranoia. Regardless, I appreciate the advice a lot, thank you. I am currently rather inebriated, sorry.
  3. I need me some tips, please. My sister likes to talk via chat. This is nice - she lives out of state now - but she likes to talk for hours. Every damn day. I have things I'd like to do, like, you know, scooping cat shit, and taking the occasional shower. It also puts some stress on me. I'm aware of how pathetic this is, but I find her incessant chatter kind of hard to handle, some days. If I tell her, "hey, I'm getting in the shower now," she just keeps fucking talking. She doesn't even stop for breath. I need to figure out how to politely tell her to STOP FUCKING TALKING TO ME. I don't want her to stop entirely, but... every time that damn chat goes, "ding!" I think, fuck, go to bed already. So... I either need some ideas on how to handle daily six hour chats better, or I need some ideas on how to shut this shit down politely.
  4. My Christmas was pretty laid back. In fact, in parts it was good. You may raise your eyebrow, but the best part was the evening of Christmas Eve, when we ran out of propane. That night, though, my brothers and I sat around and ate leftover cookies and watched the whole Sergio Leone Dollars trilogy, so that was cool. Also, everyone got their cookie delivery on time and in good shape, even the people who got theirs FedEx. We didn't actually do any celebrating Christmas Day. About half the people who were going to get together, had to work, and anyway, the roads were ridiculous. So instead, Monday night, everyone converged here and we all just had pizza. Again, it was nice. One of the kids is recovering from a minor procedure, and the roads were still shit, so it was brief, but at least we all got to see each other. And it's over now. AND I got a coloring book of bad words, which made me way too happy.
  5. Relieved. I like the holidays, and they were pretty good this year, all things considered, but I'm ready to go back to normal now.
  6. I have never actually eaten figgy anything. It's on my list of things I'd like to try, though. The person below me has bought a calendar and/or planner for next year.
  7. If I think a distraction might help, I do a crossword puzzle, or put a bracelet together. Half an hour of work, and I usually feel a lot better. Sometimes a hot shower. Music is a big one for me. Angry, sad, or upbeat, depending on what I might need at the time. Writing. If I just open my private blog and have a vent, by the time I'm done writing, my thoughts are at least organized, if nothing else. Coloring. Self-care, like giving myself a foot massage. You can learn simple techniques on YouTube for it. Drawing on myself with markers is one I do a lot. I like the Sharpie ultra fine point ones, because it's a harmless way to get a particular sensation that is somewhat satisfying without doing damage. I usually just write words, or scribble mindlessly, but sometimes I doodle actual wounds. Gross, I realize, but it's actually kind of time consuming, and makes a decent distraction. I just have to make sure it's under clothes so that people don't see that I've scribbled all over myself. Fixing things. That's a big one. I can't believe I forgot that. If there's a minor thing around the house that needs fixed, I like to do that when I feel shitty. It really helps.
  8. I'm an accidental liar. I forgot to take baking pictures. D: I'm sorry. Lame. This is a great thread.
  9. I am down tonight. I am bitter, and angry. But probably I am mostly sad. That is probably the root problem here.
  10. Video is even more awesome than the song.
  11. If I could be any mythological being, I would be Santa Claus in a hot minute.
  12. When I was a kid, starting in the middle of November sometimes, my dad would randomly yell, "Santa Claus comes in __ days!" to the tune of "Here Comes Santa Claus," the part where you sing, "Santa Claus comes tonight." This made me think of that.
  13. Did not oversleep. Sorted through my collection of nail polishes. I had around 400 when I started. I now have about 150. The remainder are going to my brother's wife's granddaughter (with permission from the parents). She is seven, and deeply in love with all things "girly." Also included in the hand me down are several parcels of nail stickers, some water transfers, and various stick-on gems. I used to have an obsession with this, but it's faded a lot the last couple years. I play with it, but not to the extent that I once did. I did keep my stamping kit. I also culled through some of my belongings. I began this project yesterday, but so far, in total, I've thrown out, or set aside for possible donation, three big garbage bags full of things. I'm going to shoot for 2,000 words on my writing project before bed tonight. I have two and a half hours. I might not make that goal, but I'm going to get as far as I can.
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