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  1. said goodbye to tdoc today

    1. BlurredBoundaries


      I'm sorry I don't know your backstory but I hope you are doing ok with that

  2. sometimes my brain gets ahead of my fingers, or assumes that everyone knows what it is thinking.
  3. actually, i don't know if that should be a woohoo or not.
  4. oh, and i was hoping to be mammasmurf
  5. i want my old internet explorer back!

  6. windows 7 told me i had to update to service pack 1
  7. totally makes sense. If i was still seeing tdoc3 i wouldn't have anything against going every week. (she says she's not a tdoc, but when i was cleaning out my purse the other day, i found her card and it says p-nurse/therapist. I guess there is a difference between therapist and a tdoc here) she is of the first type. but ripped away by the stupid system that made them do a reorganization. this new one, not so sure. she is definately the second type. i think she is shocked by what i tell her sometimes. today she asked when i got my bp dx. in june i said. didn't she know that? isn't it in my records? she is at the same clinic as pdoc1 who gave me it. same records that i know because tdoc3 looked up some of my blood tests results that pdoc2 had done. when i tell her how much i do she is shocked. just shocked. but it's how my life is. i don't know. i'm willing to try the mindfulness with her at least. and then i'll decide. i just hope that group therapy turns out to be okay.
  8. well, we decided i would go again next week and then "we'll see". she thinks i am too... i don't know ...up. i said i wasn't hypo because that was different than this. but i admitted that i don't sleep to well, but not like before. then i couldn't sleep even though i wanted to. now it is more like i don't want to sleep even though i am tired and could sleep. and know i would do better if i did. she also thinks i'm trying to do too much again and is afraid that everything will crash and i'll fall apart again. "you have too many responsibilities" well, that's how it is. i can't give up my family and i can't give up work. (altthough i wouldn't mind work, but in this economy i would have a really hard time finding another job as good as this one.) so where does that leave me? she wants to do some mindfulness things with me. so i guess i'll be going more than i thought i would be. oh, and she kept saying "you can work on that in group therapy." i'm going to have a lot to get straightened out during those 10 - 12weeks...
  9. yes, i'm still wondering where my christmas break went. the first two days was mad cleaning, but from the 25th on... ??? i thought of that when i was driving to work. i've also had problems remembering what month it is. i will think someting and be convinced that it is early fall. or summer soon. there is talk of the superbowl. why? didn't the season just start? oh, wait it IS january. and yes, time does go faster as you get older. at least that has been my experience.
  10. thank you all for replying and your experiences! (and sorry about the double post, don't know what happened) I'm seeing my contact person at the p-clinic tomorrow. They reorganized so this is my second one. I really liked the first one and felt like i got a lot out of meeting with her every week. I've seen my new one about 5 or 6 times, and i just feel like i'm not getting so much out of it. She is stuck on "i need to get my hoarding and cleaning issues under control" (yes, i KNOW that already) but doesn't really have any concrete suggestions. Which is one reason why i am glad they are sending me to group therapy for OCD issues. But that won't be until most likely march at the earliest. my first contact person was working on learning to say no, and letting go of my control issues. And also helping me deal with the BP2 dx. And that was worth going once a week. i don't want to not be compliant, since it took me almost a year to get into the p-system here, so I don't want them to kick me out, but since she was talking about less frequent contact when i am in group therapy, i'm thinking of suggesting every other week. Unless she takes my suggestions from our last meeting and starts working on the control thing. i haven't been for three weeks now because of the holidays, although she did offer last week, but i wasn't ready, i thought i'd enjoy the time off, so to speak. but now I'm feeling like i'm ready, I'm feeling like i need to see someone, i have a whole list of things that have occurred during that time that are sort of bothering me. well, some of it was being told i probably have some flavor of OCD which hasn't helped in that mix, either, though. Ack! I don't know! I guess I'll just see what happens tomorrow.... to be continued...
  11. I posted a question from my phone during lunch this afternoon, and it showed up about the right time (it's timed 1.29 pm, my timezone). But when i go to look at the replies, I see it showed up again at 5.13 pm. . unfortunately, there are replies to both. (edit: i don't mean that i think it's bad that people replied to me, in fact the opposite, i'm very glad to get replies, but rather that it makes it difficult to just delete one of them) Can it be fixed somehow? Delete one and move the replies to the other? It wasn't my intention to post twice, but somehow my (not)smartphone must have messed up. Sorry! --lilly
  12. Assuming you're (somewhat) stable, how often do you see your contact person / therapist? i've been seeing mine every week, but i wonder if that is necesssry? the last time i saw her she said that we would meet less often once i start group, but that won't be until spring. mostly wondering what others do and if i should suggest less often? thanks for any input. lilly
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