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  1. Thank you both for replying and answering my questions. I saw my psych NP today, this time she took me seriously about my sleep and prescribed low dose Seroquel (100mg) for sleep. She also mentioned hydroxyzine but she felt Seroquel was more suitable as she said hydroxyzine and Benadryl are both antihistamines and I've had no luck with over the counter Benadryl. I've taken Seroquel before (long time ago, not for sleep but for bipolar as that was my dx at the time) and remember it making me sleepy when I first started it at the low dose. Hopefully the low dose Seroquel will work out.
  2. Hi everyone, I have problems staying asleep. I usually sleep for 2-4 hours then wake up for a few hours then I usually but not always fall asleep again, unless I have to be up in the early morning for something. My Vraylar makes me tired enough usually to fall asleep (I take it at night due to that) but sometimes I need "high dose" melatonin (10 mg) to fall asleep but not every night. I tried talking about my sleep issues at my last appt with my psych NP (she does my psych meds, I don't have a pdoc) and she seemed like she didn't take it seriously as she told me I can nap during the day. I see her again tomorrow and plan to talk about it again, but if she doesn't take it seriously again what should I do? Should I talk to my primary care doctor? I guess I can also ask my tdoc what to do, I see him next week. I haven't tried much of the sleep drugs, back in late 2011-2012 my then pdoc had me on Ambien briefly when I was taking Geodon and couldn't sleep but I don't really remember if it helped or not as I was going through some bad personal stuff and was out of my mind mostly and don't remember much about that time. Anyway, for those on sleep meds do you need a sleep study first before getting on sleep meds? What kind of doctor prescribes them? Do I need to see some sort of sleep specialist or does your pdoc prescribe them? Thanks in advance!
  3. I sat outside and got some fresh air, and did some yard work that I've wanted to do for quite a while.
  4. Hi @Poem, you are definitely not alone. It seems like we have had similar diagnoses. I was diagnosed with depression, then bipolar NOS, then schizoaffective disorder bipolar type, and then after I was first hospitalized in 2013 doctors started throwing around the BPD diagnosis saying I had that instead of schizoaffective. My current therapist (a psychologist) thinks I have BPD and a paranoid disorder of some sort and my psych nurse practitioner says I am schizoaffective. So my diagnosis is up in the air. My therapist said to me that BPD more accurately describes my mood symptoms as I can go up then down then back again within a day, and people with bipolar usually have a few days of an up mood or longer. If I look at the BPD criteria I can relate to a lot of it. I am very impulsive, and I constantly change my mind for my study and work goals, just to name a few things. Of course it is possible to have bipolar and BPD too, not sure if I do though. Anyway, if you can get a second opinion, please do. Have you heard or read about DBT (dialectical behavior therapy)? That's considered the best therapy for borderline.
  5. I'm kind of in this spot too...not the bipolar symptoms part but the not knowing what to do about an advanced directive. The clinic I go to has asked me twice for an advanced directive or POA and I don't have anyone I trust that much so I don't know what to do.
  6. Could it be depression? Depression can make it difficult to focus and concentrate on things. How has your mood been lately?
  7. Yeah it seems unusual to me too that your doctor has you on 3 antidepressants when you are BP1. I think you need a new doctor or at least a second professional opinion on your meds. Especially as it sounds like he or she doesn't listen to you about your meds. Easier said than done of course, sometimes it is a long wait to see a new doctor. Is it possible to see a psychiatric nurse practitioner in the meantime? I currently see one for my meds and her ideas pulled me out of a bad depression. I don't have BP1 though. Sorry if I missed this if you were asked but have you had your thyroid checked lately? Hypothyroidism can cause depression, and lithium can cause hypothyroidism.
  8. I have worked two 10 hour shifts this week and I'm 3 hours into the third one. I have struggled to work for many years and this is big for me. This is my 4th week of work too!
  9. Yes, I take 0.025 mg levothyroxine daily. I have my thyroid checked every 3 months by my primary care doctor.
  10. Yes, Bipolar 2 is when you have hypomania but not full mania for your upswings. If you only have paranoia or other psychotic symptoms when you are having mood issues, it is bipolar with psychotic features. If you experience psychosis when your mood is stable for at least 2 weeks, then it is schizoaffective bipolar type. It's my understanding that people with schizophrenia do not have a mood disorder, but I could be wrong.
  11. I've had hypothyroidism since I was on lithium in 2010. I was only on lithium about a year, but the hypothyroidism remains.
  12. I did not quit work and walk out today. I sure wanted to because I am tired of the high school type drama and BS, but I didn't.
  13. @argh thank you for the recommendation! I will check out emoods. I can't wear a fitbit type device at work due to privacy concerns so that's not an option (don't see the point of getting one when I can't wear it a third of the day).
  14. I searched this topic but didn't find any recent threads, sorry if I missed it. My therapist wants me to track both my mood and sleep so I'm looking for an Android/Google Play store app to help me with this. Ideally free but I'm willing to pay a little for a good app. I did look on the Google Play store and found Daylio, which I am trying now but that's mainly for mood. I need to track sleep too. Any recommendations are appreciated. Thank you.
  15. It depends when you eat, as you have to take it with food (at least 350 calories I believe). Also if it makes you tired or not. When I took it, I took it with dinner, but I no longer take Latuda.
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