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  1. I have worked two 10 hour shifts this week and I'm 3 hours into the third one. I have struggled to work for many years and this is big for me. This is my 4th week of work too!
  2. Yes, I take 0.025 mg levothyroxine daily. I have my thyroid checked every 3 months by my primary care doctor.
  3. Yes, Bipolar 2 is when you have hypomania but not full mania for your upswings. If you only have paranoia or other psychotic symptoms when you are having mood issues, it is bipolar with psychotic features. If you experience psychosis when your mood is stable for at least 2 weeks, then it is schizoaffective bipolar type. It's my understanding that people with schizophrenia do not have a mood disorder, but I could be wrong.
  4. I've had hypothyroidism since I was on lithium in 2010. I was only on lithium about a year, but the hypothyroidism remains.
  5. I did not quit work and walk out today. I sure wanted to because I am tired of the high school type drama and BS, but I didn't.
  6. @argh thank you for the recommendation! I will check out emoods. I can't wear a fitbit type device at work due to privacy concerns so that's not an option (don't see the point of getting one when I can't wear it a third of the day).
  7. I searched this topic but didn't find any recent threads, sorry if I missed it. My therapist wants me to track both my mood and sleep so I'm looking for an Android/Google Play store app to help me with this. Ideally free but I'm willing to pay a little for a good app. I did look on the Google Play store and found Daylio, which I am trying now but that's mainly for mood. I need to track sleep too. Any recommendations are appreciated. Thank you.
  8. It depends when you eat, as you have to take it with food (at least 350 calories I believe). Also if it makes you tired or not. When I took it, I took it with dinner, but I no longer take Latuda.
  9. I don't feel real sometimes too. In public when it happens and someone speaks to me, it surprises me, like "They can see me?" and I'm always surprised too when I'm walking and a person coming the opposite direction moves over a bit to let me pass.
  10. I went to work, and didn't leave early even though I sure wanted to and felt like the activities after the last break were a total waste of time.
  11. If you include psych nurse practitioners I have had 8, not including hospital pdocs, partial hospitalizations (done that twice) or ones I didn't like and refused to go back to (happened once). I've moved a lot though and have been seeking mental health help for almost 20 years. Good luck with the eval.
  12. I had my eyebrows tattooed on in 2010 as I got tired of not having eyebrows and the questions and weird looks. I have had trichotillomania for 25-ish years and after awhile the eyebrows don't grow back anymore. Mine look more natural than when I drew them on lol.
  13. in 2015 (I think) I asked my pdoc for Topamax to help with weight loss and to help my mood. He agreed to have me try it. I don't remember what dose I was on but I didn't find it helpful for either one. I think @Wonderful.Cheese is on Topamax, maybe she is having a better result with it than I did.
  14. Welcome to the forum @Megz! Sorry to hear about your mom, my mental health got a lot worse after my parents passed too. I'm biased as I am having a good result with Viibryd right now (been on it for 4 months I think, sorry memory is bad) and have never tried Trintellix. I had tried a lot of antidepressants before Viibryd and before Viibryd never had a good result with SSRIs. Other people on the board have had good results with Trintellix too I believe, maybe they will chime in.
  15. I have flown a lot within the USA and never had a problem with TSA giving me crap for my meds. Unless the meds are liquid they don't ask for the meds to come out of your bag. I put my prescription meds and OTC meds (all in original bottles) in a 1 gallon ziploc bag to keep them all together.
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