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  1. I feel "safer" -for lack of a better word- in hoodies (hooded sweatshirts). I collect them too so I have a bunch. I have a couple cat related ones (surprise lol) that I wear often.
  2. Mine are more like the chatter you mentioned aura. I remember before I was diagnosed with schizoaffective I would describe to my doctors how the noise sounded like there was a TV on in the other room but I couldn't make out what they were saying. One night at work during college I heard a voice tell me to kill myself, it freaked me out so bad I had to go home.
  3. Hi all, I've been getting a lot of emails from CB saying people are trying to log into my account here. The emails say that my account is locked due to 5 unsuccessful attempts to log in. Sometimes it'll say an attempted log in from the UK, sometimes Texas, sometimes Romania, sometimes Norway. But I have no problem getting into my account just now with my password so I don't know if these emails are fake? I didn't click on anything in the email just to be sure. Is there anything I can do besides make my password even harder to guess? Thanks!
  4. I am estranged from my extended family (my immediate family is deceased) due to how nasty they have been to me in the past. Well, I do talk to my grandma occasionally on the phone. But in deciding to keep in touch with my grandma, I asked myself would I regret staying estranged when she dies (she's 91) and decided I would regret it...so I still talk to her.
  5. Sorry that happened. That sounds similar to why I switched to Walgreens from Walmart pharmacy in 2010. I had just had 3 wisdom teeth removed that day and I was waiting for my pain med prescription. Walmart kept saying they hadn't received the prescription. My then-husband called the dentist twice to confirm that they sent it to the right Walmart. After waiting about an hour and a half Walmart finally found the prescription and finally filled it. Normally I'm too forgiving about that stuff but as I sat there with the anesthesia shots wearing off, I decided I wasn't going to fill scripts at Walmart ever again.
  6. Hi jarn, do antidepressants make you manic? I'm not sure what the max dose of lamotrigine is for bipolar, but if you haven't reached it maybe ask about increasing it?
  7. I take 0.100 mg levothyroxine. I have been instructed by my GP to take it at least an hour before eating. I have to eat before I take my other morning meds (Viibryd, metformin, and my vitamin) otherwise I feel really sick and nauseous. Usually I set my alarm for 6 am, wake up take my levothyroxine and usually go back to sleep for an hour or two. Then get up, morning routine 8-9 am, eat, take my other morning meds.
  8. I also think it depends on the doctor and where you live. I live in a very anti-benzo, anti-stimulant area. I believe my state (Missouri) is the only state without a prescription monitoring program, so that could have something to do with it.
  9. I think it's because I was honest and told her I think of suicide sometimes. I think that worried her enough that she bumped up the Vraylar.
  10. Update: Saw psych NP this morning, she didn't want to switch meds or add any new meds. She did raise my Vraylar to 4.5 mg and said to watch for akathisia on the new dose. She seems to think my depression is mostly situational right now...wants me to get myself to go out of the house and get "out of my head" so to speak.
  11. I started the 20 mg Viibryd in May 2019, and went up to 40 mg in September or October 2019, so it's been awhile. Thanks for the suggestion of Trintellix, I haven't tried that. Still waiting for a call back from the psych NP's office, I will ask about Trintellix when I talk to her.
  12. So I'm on 40 mg Viibryd right now (along with Vraylar) and I'm still depressed. I'm not quite suicidal but I think about it sometimes. I left a message today about it at my psych NP's office but I'm wondering what to do or ask for next. Can I augment the Viibryd with another antidepressant or would that give me serotonin syndrome? Never mind I've tried most of the SSRIs and SNRIs and Wellbutrin. Haven't tried any of the tricylics though. My other thought was try Lamictal again? Or something else? Any thoughts are appreciated. Oh, and I recently had my thyroid checked last month. I am hypothyroid still so my GP raised the levothyroxine to 0.100 mg. I'm due to have it checked again in April.
  13. I'm not on SSDI but I had the same problem as I haven't been able to keep a job. I chose to be honest up front about having a mental illness as it weeds out unaccepting people right away. I ended up meeting someone on No Longer Lonely (dating site for people with mental illness). That site isn't as active as sites like OK Cupid and whatnot though so it could be a long shot.
  14. Don't do it cheese. It sounds like you may be manic? Can husband hide the credit cards until it passes?
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