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  1. I don't really have one of those but I would get razors and pour achol on them and after I was done I would wash my arm and I would get a dry cloth (clean) and put pressure but I guess that was my kit
  2. truee im sorry for posting that its dumb its my first post and I've only read posts so ill keep that in mind.
  3. when i was in the 6th grade my teacher had seen my cuts and sent me to my counseler and she called my mom- ____- and she was telling my mom to send me to a mental hospital....but she didn't I convinced her not to and we'll heres the Question:Why is it when people cut or SI people think "Oh you're crazy" or your mental... I don't get it im not mental I am completley healthy and I don't think deppression is a medical condition also one more thing haha the medication for depression is dumb (my opinion) because the side affects to them are suicide and other things sooo dumb..
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