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    puppetry, art, sculpture, the muppets, sesame street - yes, i know, i'm a dork - and while we're at it you can add star wars and superheros and villans to the list.

About Me

um, yeah.  i'm a wife and mother, an artist, puppeteer, and former special ed teacher.  i have my BFA in sculpture and an MST in special education.  right now i'm a stay at home mom, which is great because i love my daughter, but after 20 months i'm starting to go a little stir crazy and so the job search begins.  fortunately i've chosen the very in demand field of puppetry.  i should be swimming in job offers any moment now.  ::note the sarcasm::   :rolleyes:

well, that was a pretty boring introduction, so i apologize.  i'm really hoping to "meet" people here to talk to about stuff like this since i have no one i can really talk to IRL and even if i did, no one would relate.  just hoping to find a little safe place, you know?

anyways, that sappy stuff aside.  hi!

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