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  1. That sounds pretty obnoxious. I usually need to drink more water than I want to, but at least I still get some feeling of thirst. I've done the phone alarm thing in the past though. Salt can be bad for you but dehydration's pretty bad for you too. Maybe the tradeoff is something you could ask a doc about? (pdoc or gp) The only other suggestions I can think of are all about making water more entertaining to drink: - A tiny bit of lemon juice. Your mouth is slightly more acidic than water is and making water more acidic makes it taste better, IIRC. I've also gotten citric acid
  2. I did two in 2005 (one three weeks, one one week) and they were both helpful, mainly due to being able to make a lot of med changes and to having external regulation for my schedule. It would have really helped to be in for longer the second time but my insurance wouldn't pay because I wasn't suicidal, I was just too depressed to make food for myself and eat and stuff. The therapist and pdoc I saw while in the program were both pretty good. I wanted to keep them while I was out of the program but they didn't have room in their practices. Edit: The one I was in was partly PHP and partl
  3. It really sounds like going back on lithium so you can get yourself to a safe situation as fast as possible might be the optimal thing to do. Not having emotions is disturbing, and it is not a good long-term strategy, but you are not in a safe place right now and it is going to be much easier to find good long-term strategies when you are. That said, if you think that it is best to ask your doctor about wellbutrin or cymbalta, one thing you could try is writing down what you're going to say ahead of time, and planning to read from it, so that if you start panicking you'll at least have c
  4. I wish I had something better to suggest to you, but: you mentioned that lithium made you more functional even though it took away your feelings. Is going back on it until you can get yourself to somewhere safer, with more treatment options, an option for you?
  5. I've had a lot of trouble with therapists as well - I was in a headspace for a long time where trying to address specific issues in therapy was a trigger itself. Not fun. Tryp mentioned the skills focus that DBT group therapy has, and I've found that much more helpful than talking about past events. In DBT the individual therapy is supposed to be more about helping you apply skills you learn in group to current events in your life, rather than a more traditional talk-therapy approach to talking about past events - not all therapists may do that to the same degree, though. I've seen
  6. Ack! Are you me? I thought I was me. Ok, you seem like a more social and less anxious version of me, but, as you note, those are not the actual issue. Yes, I know what you are talking about. I can't go into my backstory at the moment (work crunch time and I am too exhausted to be social until it passes and I can rest some) but I will pm you and maybe we can set up a time to chat over IM. FWIW, I don't see a lot of people who are exactly this but I have found the following demographic combo useful in locating people with experiences similar to my own: autism spectrum, female, not di
  7. I did a 3-week partial hospitalization and later an 8-day partial hospitalization in 2005, both at the same place. It was really helpful, and I wish I could have stayed longer the second time (insurance cut me off because I wasn't suicidal). Some of it was very helpful (ability to make rapid med changes, having lunch provided). Some of it didn't do much for me, like music therapy. Some of it was fun but didn't seem all that relevant to mental health, like art therapy, although I have a painting I made that I still like a lot and eventually framed and put up. Some of it was a little ob
  8. I was prescribed Lyrica (pregabalin) for migraines, and it didn't do anything for migraines but it made me sleep thoroughly and well (probably better than anything else I've taken). When I discontinued it I felt awful for a while (sleep messed up etc). I don't think they prescribe it for sleep, but it's the only thing I can think of that I haven't seen mentioned yet.
  9. I have/have had that happen as well. Sometimes about things that probably really don't matter, sometimes about things that do. It feels like being attacked by thoughts, and for a long time I would pick up a new thought pretty much every time I attended some kind of social event. Even when the thoughts reflected situations where I really had done something embarrassing/inappropriate, their frequency and emotional intensity and long-lastingness was way out of proportion. I also had similar problems with some non-social intrusive thoughts and when I brought those up with my psychiatrist h
  10. The dialog box comes up, but it wouldn't let me continue from there (alerted me saying I had to choose a parent album, but there were no parent albums to choose). Luna made me one album, though, and then I was able to make my own using that as the parent album.
  11. When I go to gallery -> upload -> new album, it won't let me continue unless I select a parent album from a dropdown, but there are no entries in the dropdown. If I try gallery -> upload -> select album, it gives me a popup list of albums with no albums in it.
  12. The desire to want someone to notice is pretty understandable, I think. Especially when you have reasons to not want to tell people, but still know that social support could help. Learning what to communicate to whom and when and how can be really hard. I've found that there are some people to whom I can say I how I'm feeling, and they're able/willing to listen and acknowledge how I feel, and either commiserate or help me figure out strategies for dealing with with the problem, depending on what I'm able to handle at that moment. I think often people build those kinds of relationships
  13. That used to happen to me too although it doesn't anymore. It would last about half an hour. I have diary entries from when I was 10 or 11 describing it. They were more frequent when I was young and less frequent as I got older, like every 6 months or so. I remember thinking in high school that I wouldn't mind feeling as awful as I did nearly all the time if I had those experiences more frequently.
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