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  1. Strattera made me more sleepy. Zoloft didn't affect me one way or the other.
  2. I got taken off Vyvanse as apparently it's contraindicated in psychosis. Does this mean I can never ever take a stim again. It didn't seem to worsen the psychosis and calmed my anxiety quite a lot. I ask because if I ever get stable I really need stims to be able to work or study... Do any of you guys take them despite a psychotic episode in your past?
  3. I am tapering off my parnate so perhaps if Abilify is weight neutral (so long as there's no AD) I can try that. I don't remember having side-effects the first time I took. It. I would like it to replace the Seroquel and Rexulti. So I will just be on Abilify, lithium and thyroxine. Lithium doesn't make Abilify cause weight gain does it?
  4. I don't think we have loxapine available here in Australia. Can't find it on goverment or pharmacy websites. Glad you found something that works for you, though!
  5. If you can't contact your psychiatrist maybe you could contact your general practitioner. Some meds that help akathisia are the type a GP would be happy to prescribe. Propranalol for example. I was convinced Rexulti gave me some kind of anxiety/restlessness/akathisia. Pacing around contantly etc. But the pdoc didn't think so. It's hard to figure out which med is doing what and even if meds are to blame at all. And even if you're convinced it's hard to prove you're right.
  6. I think I suffer negative symptoms but I haven't talked to tdoc or pdoc about it.
  7. That's so encouraging you found something that works. Clozapine was suggested to me, but I am afraid to put on more weight. Has that been an issue for you?
  8. Yeah, I probably won't notice it either, being on Xanax atm. Gabapantentin was suggested to me but I gained weight on Lyrica so didn't want to risk it since both meds are similar.
  9. I'm finding it hard to keep trying to get better. I'm getting are referall today to a new pdoc and have a new pdoc I've seen once. I feel like my meds can't be sorted out. The ones I want to go off because of weight gain I really need for psychosis. I just feel hopeless that anyone can help me. I have occupational therapist that wants me to do all these things including lifting weights. I just don't see the point because I feel I'll take my own life within the next couple of months. I feel like I'm dying and in palliative care. How do you guys motivate yourself to keep going with treatment when it doesn't seem to work?
  10. I read somewhere that it takes two weeks to have an anxyolytic effect. How long have you been taking it?
  11. oh... that doesn't sounds too good. it's just hard when so many meds seeem to cause akathisia. Do you have any idea why Geodon isn't much popular? Does it cause a lot of EPS or akitithisia?
  12. I'm considering asking my doc about Zeldox/Geodon, Abilify and Latuda. I've never tried Geodon but people don't seem to like it? I've taken both Abilify and Latuda. Abilify was fine but that was pre-psychosis so I don't know if it would be effective for that. Same with Latuda. I had some horrible restlessness (akathisia?) at night after I took it. I wonder if there's some other med that can allieviate the restlessness so I can take the med. Does anyone know which of the three: ziprasidone, aripiprazole and lurasidone causes the least weight gain? That's the issue I'm really struggling for the past year thanks to Invega, Zyprexa, Seroqel etc.
  13. Parnate 30mg (tapering) bop depression lithium 1000mg rexulti 3mg psychosis seroquel 500mg psychosis, anxiety and insomnia thyroxine 100mg except mon wed fri 150mg hypothyroid thanks to lithium xanax 1-2mg PRN anxiety supps: red crill oil supposed to be good for psychosis ashwahganda suppossed to help anxiety im going to buy sarcosine which is meant to help psychosis and phenibut for anxiety
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