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  1. I think the Prozac I take is helping my mood and anxiety. I haven’t ever had hypo/mania caused by antidepressants.
  2. I have ED and my doctor thinks it’s because of my meds. I also smoke. Has anyone battled and overcome ED? I’ve tried Levitra and Viagra to no avail. Next to try is cialis. After that maybe the penis injections. Then implant surgery.
  3. You’ll still be able to gain weight on Vyvanse but it often does reduce appetite at least for a little while till your body is used to it.
  4. If you’ve ever gone off Seroquel what was your taper schedule? How did it affect you? Im down to 50mgs planning to go off after a week. Not sure if it’s too fast..
  5. I’ve taken it for schizoaffective disorder, bipolar type. It didn’t work for me and gave me high prolactin.
  6. Metformin didn’t work for me. I lost 40lbs with phentermine and OPTIFAST (very low calorie diet consisting mainly of weight loss shakes). I need to lose another 30lbs so I’ve just started back on phen and opti a few days ago. Have lost 2kg so far. I also exercise a bit.
  7. I became convinced I had murdered a series of people and just didn’t remember it. I don’t believe it anymore thankfully.
  8. I suffer similar delusions about being watched. Hidden cameras. This delusion doesn’t seem to be triggered by anything in reality for me but some others I have are triggered sometimes by seeing hidden messages in music mostly, also art, tv, news, movies, books etc
  9. I changed to schizoaffective bipolar type from bipolar II 2 years ago. The reason was because I became psychotic and it was not during a manic episode. I still have some paranoia and delusions so they are a steady thing for me. I don’t really have manic episodes as long as I take my meds but suffer depression frequently. I am depressed most of the time.
  10. Meds affect people differently so one person might do better on clozapine and Invega where another does better on latuda and klonopin. Personally, I would rather be on latuda than Invega or clozapine. Invega gave me high prolactin and clozapine is known for massive weight gain. Klonopin I would avoid because the withdrawals are hell and I got tolerant to it.
  11. My anxiety is out of control. My house feels like a prison cell. I have resorted to heroin and other drugs but even that doesn’t make me calm like I want.
  12. I just take it with others but my thyroid levels are still low so that’s probably why. I had forgotten the rules.
  13. My doctors haven’t changed any meds yet. I see a psychiatrist soon. I was thinking about trying a TCA since I never have.
  14. I never really had an addiction, other than cigarettes, but I have been using opioids lately. Not to brag, but I don't think I have an addictive personality. I also can't afford to it often. My depression and anxiety is so bad, anything that numbs it all for a while is fine by me.
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