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  1. I personally never had problems from stimulants. I’m not allowed them anymore because of psychosis, but it wasn’t caused by stims.
  2. I can’t remember why I went off exactly. I think going off them triggered the episode.
  3. I don’t have a pdoc anymore. She ditched me cuz I missed an appointment. Not the first one I’ve lost that way. I just have my GP. I’ve given up on psychiatry and psychology really.
  4. I can’t work. Afraid to leave house a lot of the time for one thing. The thought of working gives me so much anxiety. I’m 29 and haven’t worked since 21.
  5. The last time I was hypo it was pretty miserable. Just extreme irritability, anger, impatience etc. that was when I went off my meds.
  6. I suffered from this delusion for the past.. idk.. 2 years. It’s basically where you believe there are cameras everywhere and your life is just a staged reality show where everyone else is a paid actor. I only feel comfortable talking about it now as i no longer believe it. I didn’t like talking about it when I thought it was real. I still *feel* as though the cameras are there and I’m being watched. I feel uncomfortable getting undressed to shower etc. I had this sense of dread that something awful would happen like I would be torn apart by wild animals in a sports stadium colliseum style or I’d be blinded and kept in a little cage and tortured forever. There was a real malevolence to the hidden, coded messages I was seeing on TV, radio, books, films and music. Basically any media I consumed I would see/hear these messages. It is the most terrifying, awful thing I’ve been through. My diagnosis has changed from bipolar to either bipolar + schizophreniform or schizoaffective disorder. has anyone else had this type of delusion?
  7. I’m doing pretty terrible. Suicidal. My delusions are better though. I no longer believe them but they still give me some anxiety, almost out of habit. Constant feeling of dread. I’m just sick of my life. I’ve had enough.
  8. Strange. I find SSRIs numb me so I don’t cry. I would try riding it out like your pdoc suggested.
  9. For many months I’ve been feeling constantly anxious and restless. I just don’t know what to do with myself. Could it be Rexulti causing this? Has this happened to anyone?
  10. I believe Rexulti has made me more anxious too. It hasn’t gone away. Pdoc doesn’t believe me.
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