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  1. Bored, a bit jittery but looking forward to my friend visiting tomorrow.
  2. I feel the same way a lot of the time. Exercise helps, intense so it tires you out. The relief doesn’t last long.
  3. Some money came through and I managed to get some food and tobacco.
  4. bored as usual. don't know what to do with myself.
  5. Now I'm kind of nervous to start again. Anxiety is already a big problem for me and I'm weaning off clonaz.
  6. I didn't notice any side-effects from doxycycline but I'm on a bunch of meds and wouldn't have necessarily attributed any problems to the doxy. I'm about to restart it for acne.
  7. It’s hard to describe I suppose dissociation or derealisation we’re what what I experienced.
  8. I took zopiclone (imovane) when I was on high dose of benzo and it worked well for a while then I grew tolerant.
  9. I had awful withdrawal going off Lamictal cold turkey. I can’t remember whether I was on 200mg or 400mg.
  10. An audiobook. History of Florence and Italy by Niccolo Machievelli.
  11. Yes, I’m quite tolerant to Valium. Don’t feel anything from it. I’m on 3mg clonazepam atm weaning off. I don’t feel sedated or anything at all. I assume it helps my anxiety. My benzo tolerance is just really high now.
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