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  1. So far I don’t feel any side-effects, thankfully. I don’t feel like I took an upper at all.
  2. Thanks for the info. No, I haven’t tried Topamax. Maybe will bring up with GP.
  3. Has anyone got experience with phentermine for weight loss? I’m trying to lose AAP induced weight. I’m doing the diet and exercise too.
  4. I found patches and gum useful. I’d combine them. That said I’m smoking again now but have stopped many times with nicotine replacement therapy, chantix, zyban and vape. Chantix is pretty effective but can worsen mental health. I had to stop it.
  5. So we're certain Rexulti is worse for weight gain than Abilify? I might switch if that's the case.
  6. I ended up in hospital after taking half a gram of H. I kind of wanted it to kill me. Long story. Just the normal hospital and just for a few hours. Kitty that's encouraging you got phentermine. I spoke to my GP and he seemed to be in favour of it but will only prescribe once I'm on an exercise regime (I think?) So I guess it's time to go back to the gym. It's something I should do anyway but when I'm focused on dying it's hard to motivate to exercise. I'd love to live a bit longer just to be thin again. My carer/cleaner is coming today and I see my psychologist this afternoon so I am taking some positive steps.I really need to chase up that pdoc referall. I might go to hospital once my insurance kicks in. I'm torn between self-destruction and trying to get better. Really torn.
  7. Thanks for your positive report on phentermine. I think my chances of getting it are rather low. I think they may not prescribe it when there's a history of psychosis. It's also very expensive, although I don't know why. It's an old drug. I might call them if I feel like talking to a stranger. I honestly don't think they are that helpful, though. I've called them before.
  8. I lost my best friend through being paranoid and thinking everyone was out to get me. I don't know how to fix it.
  9. I have wound up living like a hermit in a city where no one I know lives. I had such horrible anxiety, I couldn't breath, so I took Seroquel, after already being on Rexulti and having been on Invega, Zyprexa for my psychotic breakdown I had. All of which have made me so fat. I cry about it. Don't want anyone to see me or to see myself in the mirror. I don't have a psychiatrist. I got discharged from the private one for being too ill then discharged from the public one because i fucking hate them and wouldn't go to appointments. I have another referrall to a private one but haven't heard back. I think I must have a bad repututation as a patient and no one will take me. I just took out health insurance after a year of not having it so have to wait two months to be admitted to a psych clinic. I'm taking clonazepam and xanax from the internet. I take two clonz a day and pop xanax as needed. they don't have much kick to them so they're probably fake. I bought heroin a couple of times and snorted it. Couldn't find a fucking vein. Took the whole lot and hoped for death. Just slept a while. I will probably buy more on Friday. I don't even like it but it makes me feel nothing. I've wound up an absolute loser. 28. male, no job or even high school education. No friends. fucking ugly and fat and disgusting. I think I will kill myself. I have a plan. It's just too much to bear to spend the days alone, hating myself. I sort of had this plan that I could stop my seroquel and just use low weight gain AP like Rexulti that I'm on now or switch to Abilify or Latuda. I was on Parnate but tapered myself off because it has a lot of drug interactions. I want the doctor to give me a weight loss drug, like phentermine. We don't have many options here in Australia but there's phentermine (duromine) and Saxenda. They are both out of my price range to be honest. phentermine is like $140 a month and saxenda is like $400. what should I do?
  10. All I know is that at high doses it elevates prolactin. My pdoc was considering using it to augment my current AP at a low dose. She thought it wouldn't affect prolactin then.
  11. My psychotic sx were recent yes. Parnate don’t know if it helps. I think it does. I started it when I had ECT so I don’t really remember how I felt at the time I started it. It seems to not have any side effects and one can generally ignore the MAOI diet and eat whatever you want.
  12. I have heard that they all have the propensity for weight gain, to varying degrees.
  13. I feel really bored. Alone at home. Have been alone all day, other than the dog. Trying to watch TV but it’s not seizing my attention.
  14. I would just try it and if the situation changes and you can’t afford it then cross that bridge when you come to it. Abilify is a very similar drug to Rexulti and it is generic, btw. If it came it to it, you could try that if Rexulti helps.
  15. Strattera made me more sleepy. Zoloft didn't affect me one way or the other.
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