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  1. My anxiety is out of control. My house feels like a prison cell. I have resorted to heroin and other drugs but even that doesn’t make me calm like I want.
  2. I just take it with others but my thyroid levels are still low so that’s probably why. I had forgotten the rules.
  3. My doctors haven’t changed any meds yet. I see a psychiatrist soon. I was thinking about trying a TCA since I never have.
  4. I never really had an addiction, other than cigarettes, but I have been using opioids lately. Not to brag, but I don't think I have an addictive personality. I also can't afford to it often. My depression and anxiety is so bad, anything that numbs it all for a while is fine by me.
  5. Lamictal withdrawal can be pretty nasty. I ran out when I was at a ski resort and it ruined the whole trip. I was really dizzy and disassociated.
  6. I feel anxious. I’m in general hospital and I can’t sleep
  7. I personally never had problems from stimulants. I’m not allowed them anymore because of psychosis, but it wasn’t caused by stims.
  8. I can’t remember why I went off exactly. I think going off them triggered the episode.
  9. I don’t have a pdoc anymore. She ditched me cuz I missed an appointment. Not the first one I’ve lost that way. I just have my GP. I’ve given up on psychiatry and psychology really.
  10. I can’t work. Afraid to leave house a lot of the time for one thing. The thought of working gives me so much anxiety. I’m 29 and haven’t worked since 21.
  11. The last time I was hypo it was pretty miserable. Just extreme irritability, anger, impatience etc. that was when I went off my meds.
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