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  2. Serious down days are crushing, I can understand how looking at having a sexual experience would feel good, maybe like a break from the pain. I so get that. For me it is a matter of having to deal with the additional load of feelings after the sex. I don't think everyone has the same reaction to a casual sex, I am pretty sure I would have more shame about this than others. It keeps me from acting on it in the present, but there have been times. Only you would know if this would be really good for you. I ramble, sorry. I would be working on some self-care, ways to feel good in the present. that are smaller, maybe a hot bath, a good book. If the chemicals you get from sex are what does it for you, perhaps masterbate, that sounds crude, I know, but it's guiltless and consequence-less.
  3. Read "Survivor's guide to Sex" and "Sex for One" and I so have to talk about stuff, soon!

  4. my laptop is acting up again, i'm having to use the library pc to get stuff done

  5. enjoying a stay over in stability land

  6. yo mama so MPD when she's sure that the sign at McD's saying "over one billion served" is about her.
  7. All of you are confirmed crazy! I'm not good with the humor but I had to join in! Yo mama so MPD she's run out emerging identity's of nationalities of Earth, people groups of science fiction and imaginary mythological beings and has only close relatives of Mitt Romney left.
  8. On my way to Support Group Whoop!

  9. gonenative

    me in my natural habitiat

    a collection of personal and locally published photos of a small Mississippi River town
  10. spending some time strongly connected to my small self, lots of enjoyable moments and time absorbing past pain

  11. I'm almost done with "Strength in What Remains" a biography by Tracy Kidder. It has many PTSD elements that I could relate to, even though the story involved the life of a man who experienced years of violence and poverty growing up in a the Huti/tutsi civil war. He was sent to America under a false Visa to escape death and as he has to find ways of thriving in NYC, he also finds he has to come the terms with the horror that was his life. He is by other's accounts stuck and living in the constantly in his macabre past, but in time he finds meaning and moves forward. In the end of the book, he makes one of many returns to Africa and has rememberances that are hard for him.
  12. thrilled to see your avatar and cool name back on CB! Sorry to hear you've been struggling with the internet and other stuff.
  13. I am playing with being mildly active on Facebook about. I've been too shamed willed in the past so I quit.

  14. my laptop is working iffy, means less typing with thumbs : )

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