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  1. finally got my ECT consult for monday...gonna be a long weekend.

  2. i still can't wrap my head around it - 15 years later and i'm still shattered.

  3. being referred for ECT sometime in the next week...holy shit

    1. malachite


      Let me know if you have questions and if you want my support.

    2. humanoid


      Thanks mal, I'm sure I'll have a lot of questions! <3

  4. is this how it feels when you are in space?

  5. being so cold that i start sweating a bit is a really weird/gross sensation

  6. today has been better than i expected...phew!

  7. time to put on my happy excited face for christmas ugh

    1. hagar


      right there with you :/

  8. show me the way out, you have to know i'm trying

  9. these stupid giant antibiotics keep getting stuck in my throat arghhh!

    1. water


      supposedly putting your chin down on your chest will help if you can't crush w/ applesauce or split the pill. taking a sip of liquid first might help. I hate swallowing pills, even little ones.

  10. very, very confused

  11. hate hate hate hate this body and everything to do with it

  12. Keep your head up, keep your heart strong.

  13. So glad I have no memory of drinking the charcoal.

  14. Sometimes when I open my eyes I don't believe that I'm awake.

  15. Feel so icky today.

  16. Damnit I do NOT have $30,000 to spend on outpatient ED treatment...you need to be rich to be sick!

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    2. writehellarandomshiny


      and, yes, i agree with helen. it is wrong.

    3. humanoid


      It's the first place I've talked to but it's the one my therapist recommended. I'm willing to look elsewhere, but I don't think travelling is a good option for me right now. I don't know if IP would be cheaper, I doubt it. But I'd do that if it were. I'm definitely gonna check with insurance, and yes 211 is a good idea - thanks write :)

    4. EyeMindBeingGrim


      That must be why all these famous musicians are sick, darn.

      On a serious note, humanoid, good luck with finding better pricing and getting it sorted out as best you can.

  17. Took my tdoc's advice and called an eating disorder treatment place...waiting for them to call me back to see if insurance will cover me.

  18. Tired...today is off to a rough start.

  19. I take up too much space. I'm sorry.

    1. water


      oh honey, you need to take up MORE space. :-}

  20. I feel so much shame, it's building up inside of me, waiting to explode.

  21. Bleh I'm disgusting.

    1. unleashtherain


      false statement

    2. humanoid


      I wish I could see it that way :(

  22. Pdoc says I should maybe start thinking about ECT as an option...ugh.

    1. Indigo 'n dye

      Indigo 'n dye

      Der heart. We each do what we must to keep ourselves stable and safe. OK?

    2. bpladybug


      are there other medication options for you to try? Trileptal is not a first line BP treatment have you tried Depakote, Lithium, and Lamictal???

    3. Kaashii


      Mine tried to gently suggest I take it into consideration at first, but when she saw my reaction, we sat down and reviewed which meds I have and haven't tried. Maybe there are some you haven't tried that you can explore first?

  23. Bulimia non-purging type...didn't even realize there was such a thing. Awesome.

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