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  1. I don't think I can see my pdoc again. He is against me and writes lies about me in my file. He has his own agenda and doesn't care about my goals. When I went inpatient I saw on the admission forms I signed he wrote "mood disorder" well I have never been diagnosed with a mood disorder and don't believe I have depression (have some depressive type symptoms but I think they are negative symptoms). So this pdoc wrote in a letter to my GP that I had schizophrenia and told me he thought I had schizophrenia but then tried to sabotage me by writing that I have a mood disorder. He is only interested in my alcohol abuse and not any of my other symptoms. But all pdocs in my area are against me and are the same so I don't think I can see a pdoc anymore. I discharged myself from inpatient because I didn't want to see the pdoc that is against me and noone there liked me and the nurse offended me. My pdoc wanted me to come back to see him but I won't go. I guess I could see my gp for meds but I am only on 2.5mgs of zyprexa so it feels like they are giving it to me as a placebo and don't think I really need it. I feel very anxious and paranoid.
  2. Was sent to a private psych hospital for my mental illness and to detox from alcohol. After 3 nights I discharged myself and am drinking again. Didn't see it as helpful as whilst I was there I wasn't drinking but didn't see any counsellers or anything so nothing was done to address the reasons for drinking or my mental illness. Has anyone been sent to psych hospital to detox from drinking and did they get any supports there or was it just to keep you away from the drink and monitor your withdrawals.
  3. just discharged myself from inpatient (first time I've been inpatient) was a total waste of time and money. They didn't seem to care about any of my goals or what I was trying to acheive by being there only their own agenda. The Dr seemed against me (to the point where I didn't want to see him again) and there was one patient there who hated me, everyone else seemed not to like me much. One nurse offended me a lot. They didn't change any of my meds still left me on 2.5mg zyprexa even though I was still hallucinating which is such a low dose I don't think it does much. I thought that hospital was a time for them to adjust meds whilst they could monitor you for side effects and effectiveness? I didn't see a psychologist/counseller whilst I was there. Don't know if this is normal (it was a private hospital). Didn't see a drug/alcohol counseller (I have a drinking problem). Again don't know if this is normal. Then they wanted me to do an ECG for some reason. What a waste of time and money. That wasn't why I was there. The whole excercise was pointless and I don't know why my Dr wanted me to go (wasn't a danger to myself or others) or what he was trying to acheive. I had thought he would adjust my meds and I could go to groups and counselling. Went to a couple of groups but didn't find them very helpful and some of them just weren't relevant for me to go to (eg bipolar group). I can only guess he was trying to get me away from the alcohol but I don't know what the point is if he isn't trying to address any of my symptoms or reasons for drinking as I will just go back to it after a while.
  4. Yes, I have kept note of how much he has barked today and it was about 3-4 times with about 3-12 barks all within business hours (so not keeping people awake) and most of the barking was within my house with all doors and windows closed (as it's starting to get cold) so I assume they two doors up are also in their house with windows closed, I can't see how the barking could have been that loud or bothersome. I've also noted there are heaps of other dogs barking in the area, it just doesn't bother me that much as it is only short and is not that loud
  5. Neighbours knocking on my door after 9.30pm to complain about my dog barking? Surely they could have picked a more sociable time to discuss the matter with me? I am not even sure it is my dog they are talking about as I work from home and rarely leave the house and he doesn't bark that much except the last few days when he's had a great big bone he is excited about. They are from two doors up and the neighbours either side of me have not complained. How do they know it is my dog?
  6. Last night was the most bizarre night, everytime I would start drifting off to sleep I would know that I was dreaming, and I started to control the dream. But then I felt frozen and realised I needed to move my body in order to act out the dream or speak out loud in order to particpate in the dream, which woke me up (just) I went back to sleep again. I kicked and slapped and spoke out loud in my dreams. Then I woke up and The Things That Live in My House were there but huge and everywhere and I was terrified just like the first time I ever hallucinated, and later on in the night black butterflies were in my room, I made them land on my hand and they were quite friendly although a bit scary being black not colorful. Has anyone had any experiences like this?
  7. Thanks notloki, My pdoc is organising an inpatient stay for me a few weeks from now (because I am going away in the meantime) he said (can't remember exact words) that they would be able to adjust my meds more aggressively in there. I am a bit afraid (also of the cost!) but hope it might help and I might even meet some nice people there.
  8. Well I confronted the pdoc and said my mother thinks I'm paranoid but... I think that the drs are really, secretly writing in my file that I am a hypochondriac. He said he didn't think I was a hypochondriac and read out to me some of his notes and a letter he sent to my gp none of which indicated I was hypochondriac/ocd with fear of schizophrenia and were reasonably supportive and mentioned psychosis.... I am still worried he thinks I am just worried about having psychosis/schizophrenia and don't really have it and just isn't being honest with me... could I have a delusion as it seems real despite him showing me evidence to the contrary
  9. Well it looks like my fund told me wrong. You can switch funds and still have the 2 months waiting period waived: http://www.health.gov.au/internet/main/publishing.nsf/Content/health-privatehealth-supporting-mental-health Will get someone to call (I'm afraid of phones) and clarify
  10. Yes this is correct and why i am so worried. My current pdoc has written (and told me verbally) that I have schizophrenia plus I have two other doctors say schizophrenia. But my current pdoc ALSO thinks I have ocd, which leads me to believe he is actually writing that I have ocd with an obsession of having schizophrenia since I can't work out what kind of ocd he thinks I have. pdocs office called today with my next appointment but I am afraid to call back.
  11. It was amisulpride... doc knows I've stopped it. He didn't seem to mind, further evidence that he doesn't think I have schizophrenia.
  12. My pdoc has altered my medical record to remove the two schizophrenia diagnoses and replace it with ocd with obsessive thoughts about having schizophrenia. I don't have proof yet, but I know it is definitely true. I know this is true because I can't see where I fit within the ocd types. I have stopped taking one of the meds I was prescribed (the only non placebo) because it was affecting my abilities and harming the things that live in my house (but not making me feel better) I think that pdoc was jealous of my special abilities and wanted to make them go away. So now I am taking prozac and zyprexa both of which were prescribed as placebos. I guess if ocd obsession with having schizophrenia is real then I can't do anything now because it is written on my file.
  13. My pdoc wrote in a letter (and told me) he thinks I have ocd and schizophrenia but I've realised that secretly in his notes he has written that actually I have a type of OCD where I become convinced I have schizophrenia so that all the drs can laugh at me and he prescribes me anti psychotics as a placebo. I do not know what other type of ocd he could possibly think I have because it is definitely not the cleaning or hygeine type of ocd obsessions. My question is this a real thing (ocd where you think you have schizophrenia)? Or is my pdoc just making stuff up to write malicious stuff in my medical record?
  14. There is a new law coming into effect 1 Aoril that once in your lifetime you can upgrade your private health to one with psych and the two month waiting period will be waived. I have changed health funds because my previous one didn't have any policies that cover psych, now the new fund are saying I have to wait two months because the law only applies if it is upgrading within the same fund. I have read all the official information and googled and from what I can find the law does not state specifically that you have to upgrade within the same fund to waive the 2 month waiting period. I have previously had private hospital cover for years but with other funds who didn't cover psych. Does anyone know?
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