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  1. voicemail/text did not say much... just that they were checking if I was OK... also mentioned that family member had reported me.
  2. Got a phone call this evening from mental health services - 24/7 triage. It was from a private number so I did not answer, it went through to voicemail and then I got a text. It was a purely malicious dob in from a family member who is upset that I no longer speak to them. I do not want to call them back - I do not do phone calls unless I absolutely have to, plus don't feel I should have to justify myself. I just wonder what they are likely to do - turn up on my doorstep? I don't answer the door unless I am expecting someone. Just feels so unfair that I can be harrassed like this...
  3. Not talking to her again. She said something that is so offensive and insulting that it can't be forgiven. On her birthday and xmas, she can be alone and eat cheese and crackers. She can die alone, in a really crappy nursing home. I'm done with all her shit. I have no obligation to her. I have my own problems.
  4. I respect her decision, and think it is sad that she had to starve herself to death. I hope one day that I will be able to go there (or to another country) to end my life. At least I am fortunate enough to have the money to do so.
  5. OK. I am sorry your mental health is still poor. Is there a time when you should say no more mental health care as it just doesn't work? I feel at that stage.
  6. Do you feel that you are getting good psychiatric care though (ie your mental health is pretty good and your Drs are listening to you), or do you feel that your mental health is poor but is just the best you can expect?
  7. Not a hypothetical question. I am not rich but have spare cash and can afford good care even if I had to travel overseas to access it. But right now I don't feel like any pdoc or tdoc is worth my time let alone one cent of my money. So I am curious. If you had a large windfall or large increase in income do you think your mental health would be better and how. Is there a drug your insurance doesn't cover you think would help, is there a doc you could afford to travel to see, a hospital you would want to go inpatient, a new therapy you want to try, whatever. Or do you just think all Drs are the same, all drugs are the same, all therapists are the same etc and money wouldn't change a thing.
  8. I've had enough. I feel like crying. There is nothing I can do. When I see Drs all they do is write horrible lies about me and noone cares or believes me. I won't see a Dr again or take any of their medications for their fictional and contradictory and defamatory diagnoses. The lies are written all around my town in the hospitals, public outpatient units, private psychiatrists and gp surgeries. When I complain to someone, they don't believe me and are horrible me to. I have no rights to correct my medical record that I know of. I am in Australia. Has anyone else been able to get lies corrected about them in their medical records. Otherwise I see no point in seeing a Dr as they will just believe the most outrageous lie that is written..
  9. Well I see them frequently during the day whilst wide awake it is just that my power to make them change shape is only when I wake up. Never had a sleep study probably wouldn't sleep and it would be a waste of money.
  10. They look like a black hole, but each one is a special something that I have the power to see, but haven't been able to yet. Each black hole could be something very special that I could control and have wonderful powers and never be bored again. Sometimes right after waking up the things turn into fully formed things like spiders or butterflies or random things, which I can control and make do things and touch. But I am only able to do this right after waking up. The rest of the time, (except for a couple of times when I saw the things become fully formed things whilst wide awake) they are just black holes.
  11. I can see them other places and they have tried to kill me and sabotage my work. But they live in my house mostly.
  12. Well I think the pdoc would increase my dose of zyprexa as it is only 2.5mg and I still see the things that live in my house. But whilst my diagnosis is mood disorder, giving me more antipsychotics isn't likely,
  13. things living in my house that only I can see and have special powers to control saying things out loud with little or no control over lack of motivation to shower and clean house lack of interest in doing anything other than watch tv shows/movies and surf the web What I would like: Stop seeing and believing in the things that live in my house Stop talking out loud without wanting to Clean house, shower every day Get out and do some social stuff and have a hobby or something Anti psychotics help with seeing the things, but I am still always thinking about them even when I am not seeing them and "miss them" when they are not there even though they are nasty. I really don't see how my things can be "mood disorder".
  14. So in response to my post about why my diagnosis got changed from schizophrenia and ocd to mood disorder, people seemed to say this was so that my insurance would cover it. This is fraud, and I want to report my pdoc for it. I would much rather my dr be honest about my diagnosis, than be covered for drugs that may not be proven to help my condition. For years I was getting antipsychotics on the PBS (I am in Australia) with authority code of schizophrenia without an official diagnosis. Pdoc just gave me a script for prozac and put that under authority code major depressive disorder even though previously he had put it under ocd. I don't think I have depression. My inpatient visit was sabotaged by having what I believe is a wrong diagnosis and I think my pdoc should refund my insurance excess, refund my insurer for the visit as well as refund my lost income. I know it won't happen, but if drs were held to account it would be.
  15. Also, this same pdoc had given me prozac because he said I had OCD (I don't agree, and it definitely isn't the cleaning or hygeine kind) but I took it anyway, Anyway, last time I got my script for prozac he rang up for the medicare approval and said the reason as major depressive disorder. WTF? Previously he has said it is for OCD.
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