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  1. I'm just dropping in to say that I am very high and I think it's a great thing. Weed helps me.
  2. YES. Yes, this! Fortunately, the sex is so amazing it quickly redirects my attention Kink. Kink is the cure. ETA: Stims make me frigid.
  3. Stopping suddenly could also make the mania worse. Find a different doctor or be more assertive with this one.
  4. I think this douchebag may be traumatic for your daughter.
  5. Yeah... If you're not already using, it's impossible to know what will happen. Plus, the medical can be much different than the stuff you got from your local weedman. Plus you have to get the right dose, strain, etc. If you're hypomanic and pick up a sativa-dominant strain, you're going to make it worse. If you're depressed and smoking indica all day, your motivation will take a double hit. Don't go out of your way to try marijuana before other meds. Your pdoc might just want you to know that he's open to the idea.
  6. Financial stress makes you vulnerable. Psychos like vulnerable.
  7. All that fiddling is keeping your brain awake. Report back tomorrow and tell us if you remember making this post. Edit: Um, are you alone? You took a hell of a lot of z-drug there. Don't... move. Oh wow I hope you don't mean you took 8+ Lunesta. What are these "other" sleepers? Short-acting zopiclone, as opposed to the zopiclone you took earlier?
  8. Oh man, there's more than oversight going on here. Look around for other specialists, just in case.
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